Low income cable TV is not only possible, but relatively easy to set up.

In fact, you can get free cable by taking just a few easy steps to download a popular apps online. Let’s face it, digital or even satellite TV can be very expensive, with the average monthly cost of cable being around $75 dollars a month, with many more customers paying close to $100 dollars or more depending on premium channel ads.

The other frustrating thing about these high monthly bills, is that the cost goes up every year.

5% is the average increase most customers have to pay every year.

This could turn a $75 dollar bill to nearly $95 dollars as five years pass. This notion is one of the most disturbing and depressing things when it comes to thinking of the rising costs of cable.

The idea of a cable bill going up 20 dollars every five years sends most customers reeling from the dent this makes in most people’s wallets, even given the fact that people are spending more time at work and less time at home watching the expensive cable TV they are paying for.

Sadly enough, most newer TVs (with the exception of the smart TV) don’t even make it possible to watch anything without cable access. Of course, you can get a digital converter, but most people have cable. And cable companies capitalize on this fact, in the form of increase rates.

Luckily, there are options for people, particularly those with low income to get rid of their cable all together or drastically reduce the cost of their cable bill.

  • Download free cable software like TVUnetworks.com. This site enables you to easily download free TV channels on your PC or laptop. You can watch unlimited channels from Discovery TV to ESPN absolutely free.
  • Go online to watch Hulu.com. With Hulu, you can watch most cable shows available today. The downside is that you may have to wait once those shows have been made available. Typically they aren’t real time. You can even watch popular movies. And if you have a WII, you can watch all the movies you want on your TV, and not your PC or laptop. This is great in that most people like to watch longer shows on a larger screen and not on a tiny 8 to 22 inch laptop screen on PC monitor. Hulu Plus is also available for under 10 dollars a month. It's an easier way to download all your favorite shows to your phone, tablet, PC and other mobile devices.
  • Download Netflix. You can either download Netflix or go to your WII or Sony Play station to watch Netflix at your leisure. If you have a smart TV with the Netflix app, you can even stream movies for a low monthly cost as well. Netflix often have 30 day trials so that you can watch cable for free.

The great thing about getting rid of your cable TV is that you have alternatives, often time those in which are more varied than your pricey alternative.

There is software that is totally free like TVUnetworks and Hulu and others like Netflix which costs a low monthly fee, typically under $10 dollars a month for the cheapest package.

 Just know that low income cable TV is possible when you explore the many options available to you.