Dental assistance for low income adults: What About Big Families?

Dental assistance for low income adults is a very good idea, and it is vital for the future health of our society, that we begin to look after those that cannot afford the treatment themselves. With the state of the economy in such a bad way it has become especially hard for people to afford the basic everyday necessities, and anything other than this is out of the question for some. Big families have even more problems in this way, and it is not fair that they are left struggling to look after their health.

I think that anyone who has paid into the system should be entitled to receive dental assistance for low income adults. If people cannot afford to pay for dental care without this extra help, then many will be forced to borrow money in order to survive. The least the government could do is provide some help for emergency dental care, this way people would not be able to use the assistance to get unnecessary work done that they would not otherwise have got done. We have to help look after the basic health needs of people who are struggling to survive on their low incomes.

Low  income pet care: A Waste of Tax Payers Money?

Low income pet care is not a waste of tax payer’s money I any way. The fact that we have so many animals to look after in this country is the fault of society, and we are in a situation where we need to do al we can to take responsibility for the animals under our care. I understand that people may think it is the owner’s responsibility to pay for their pet. However, some people who cannot afford to care for their animals would simply discard them. This would cause a whole host more problems and cost more money in the long run than trying to help out the pet care.

Paying for low income pet care is actually beneficial to society, and is vital for our ongoing fight against animal cruelty. Many people have lost touch with compassion, and are no longer aware of what the real situation is. There are already a huge number of abandoned animals that need tobe taken in and cared for, and what most people are not aware of is that millions of dogs and cats are murdered each year in pounds when they can no longer be looked after. If we do not offer help to struggling people then this number will increase rapidly.


Low  income veterinary services: What if They Are all Trainees?

There is absolutely no way that low income veterinary services should be carried out by trainees alone. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The whole idea of a trainee is that they are trying to learn their specific trade, under the guidance of a professional. If you take the experienced members of the trade away then the trainees have nobody to pick upthe knowledge from. Learning in college or from books is all very well, but you have to have the guidance of experienced vets to help as well.

Apart from anything else, why would it be fair to make people who need low income veterinary services see only a trainee? Surely their animals have exactly the same need to receive good treatment as someone who has more money? Trainees need to learn, but this should be done under the guidance of the older and more experienced members of the profession. It always amazes me that people who make decisions of importance fail to see the simplest of problems with the solutions they provide. Ask the professionals and they will give you the same answer; people would not invent such silly ideas if they used their common sense once in a while.


Low  income nursing homes: Will You Go There?

Low income nursing homes are a great idea, nursing homes are so expensive these days and people have less and less income, it becomes difficult to afford such things. I would definitely go to alow income nursing home if I was given the chance. It is going to be a problem that gets worse and worse for people as society begins to evolve into an older one.

The demographic transition model tracks the progress of population statistics, and what has been seen as a trend inmost developed countries is that the amount of ‘working’ population compared with ‘old’ population is changing rapidly. People are living longer and having less children; as a result, in another 30 years there will be a huge amount of people in the ‘old’ bracket with a much smaller amount in the ‘working’ bracket. There will not be enough people working to earn money to support all of the elderly. Low income nursing homes will be essential then. We need to start preparing for this sort of thing now, as it is definitely going to happen. By 2016 there will only be 3 people working to pay for one pension, 10 years ago there were 9 people paying for one pension.