Low Income Apartments for Rent in Michigan:  Only for the Poor?


If low income apartments for rent in Michigan are only for the poor, that makes sense, doesn't it?  After all, aren't today's low income earners poor?  And the poor low income earners need a place to live, otherwise they have no where to sleep and shower in order to get ready to go to their low income jobs each day.  And the poor who do not work but are considered low income due to the fact that their "income" comes from government assistance are also in need of shelter and showers each day just to show they are still alive and in continued need of government money to survive.  Which brings us back to the question of low income apartments for rent in Michigan being only for the poor.

Now, I can't speak for Michigan - or any other state for that matter - but if one were to ask me if low income apartments for rent in Michigan were only for the poor my answer would be "sometimes".  Why sometimes?  Because sometimes they are only for the poor.  Those who truly have little or no income and need rental assistance, for example.  These people are poor.  Then again, at times, some low income apartments for rent in Michigan may not be for the truly poor because the apartments, although called or classified as "low income" might still be too expensive for a really poor person to afford.  Even if one is getting whatever they give people on welfare these days, it may not be enough to cover the rent of a low income apartment for rent in Michigan.  In that case, those apartments are not for the poor, but for the almost poor but still have enough money to afford an apartment people.  These are the ones who, if they lose their jobs, will become the poor on government assistance and then won't be able to afford the low income apartments for rent in Michigan.  Even people with money may choose to try to rent low income apartments in Michigan, if they can find some decent units to rent.  Why?  Because it would be a money saver, that's why.  And the money not spent on higher rents can then be saved under the mattress until there's enough for a down payment on a house.  And then they don't have to worry about apartment living - low income or not - anymore.  Considering that some low income apartments are in better shape than apartments renting for over a thousand a month, this is not a bad way to get a house.

low income housing for single parents: A Waste of Money?


Low income housing for single parents is definitely not a waste of money. It is a great way for single parents that are struggling to support themselves and their family to get on the property ladder. What is a waste of money is when single parents are throwing away money paying rent each month on rented properties, where the money is not being invested in to anything beneficial for the future.

There are lots of schemes available for low income housing for single parents now and these are a great way to help people that want the opportunity to have their own home, but otherwise can’t due to the outrageously high mortgage costs and payments that must be made to secure a home these days. A great place to find out more about these schemes for low income housing for single parents is through your local council. A lot of local councils are positively trying to take a pro active approach and provide housing for single parents with low incomes. You can contact your local council and ask to speak directly with the housing association to see if there if they can help you or provide you with more information on who can.

Low Income Divorce Lawyers:  What if You Pay Only $100?


If you are looking for a low income divorce lawyer and pay only one hundred dollars, then you've got a low income divorce lawyer!  And if you are the one filing for divorce because your spouse is a louse, your soon to be ex can pay the bill.  Of course, there's always the "do-it-yourself" divorce option where you file all the papers and such, only I have no idea what the filing fee is.  And if there are any court cost involved.  That's something you could check out.  If the cost is more than a hundred bucks, go with your low income divorce lawyer and get your ex to pay him or her.

Some states offer pro bono services where you don't have to pay anything.  If you need a low income divorce lawyer and only pay one hundred dollars, you still might be paying too much.  You could go the pro bono route through legal aid if you are over 65, abused by your spouse, or very sick or all of these things.  The public defender's office can direct you to any such programs.

Low Income Housing Assistance in Florida:  What if Your Assistant is Angelina Jolie?


If you are applying for low income housing assistance in Florida and your assistant is Angelina Jolie, you want to know if that will matter, if you will still get low income housing assistance?  I guess it depends if Angelina Jolie is your assistant helping you with your quest for low income housing assistance or if she is, in general, your personal assistant in whatever you do.  Let's suppose Angelina Jolie is helping you in your quest for low income housing assistance in Florida.  That's great!  Get her autograph while you're at it!  Don't forget a few photos and videos, too.  You can upload the videos on YouTube, let them put ads on it, and generate some income for yourself.

Let's say Angelina Jolie is your personal assistant and you are applying for low income housing assistance in Florida.  My question first is - where's Brad Pitt?  And does she bring her kids to work with her?  If she does - how do you entertain the six of them?  I really doubt Angelina Jolie would be your assistant in anything.  If you are applying for low income housing assistance in Florida and Angelina Jolie is your assistant, you are dreaming.  Wake up!

Low Income Senior Housing in Florida:  What if You Must Be Younger Than 50?


If you are filing for low income senior housing in Florida and you must be younger than fifty, then Florida sure has a wild definition of what it means to be a senior!  It sounds like someone, somewhere, got it backwards.  Senior is usually over fifty years of age - if not over sixty five years of age.  Unless they want some young people in the senior housing for low income residents to bring some spark of life into the seniors!

When applying for low income senior housing in Florida, if you must be younger than fifty, keep in mind that as Ponce de Leon was looking for the fountain of youth he found Florida.  Or when he was looking for Florida he found the Fountain of Youth.  Either way, perhaps they are just honoring Ponce de Leon's wishes that all people in Florida shall be forever under fifty?  I believe he died in his late forties, before he could reach that age.  So I guess it worked for him.