If you're looking for low price hunting cabins that are affordable then I suggest you use the internet to do your research. You can look for plans for easy to build small cabins or pre built mini cabins. If you're looking for a company with a wide variety of pre built mini log homes then you should check out a company called Cavco which has a complete line of mini log cabins at affordable prices. They have what they call a cabin loft style pre built cabin that I just love. 

But there are many companies offering pre built mini log homes that come in all sizes from 85 square feet up to 350 square feet. And most of these are offered at very affordable prices making log cabin living available for everyone. You can use one of these for a weekend get away or for a hunting camp cabin for deer season. And even if you can't afford a full size log cabin you'll find that one of these mini log cabins is cozy and easy to heat and cool. It doesn't really matter if you go with a pre built mini log cabin or a mini log cabin kit I think you will find that a mini log cabin may make it so you can afford your log cabin dream. 

I think of the log cabin as the classic American dream. With a mini log cabin you can have a beautiful log cabin nestled in the woods or up on the hill overlooking the lake. Log cabins are part of what made America great and I had always wanted to have my own log cabin out in the woods.

After almost giving up with the price of full size log cabins I was at Home Depot one day and saw a 14 foot by 14 foot pre built log cabin and fell in love. It had bunk beds downstairs and a sleeping loft with room for a full size bed and I was sold.

It really impressed me that the home came with its own mini bathroom and with in a few weeks I had my log cabin on its own land deep in a grove of trees and after everything was set up I was impressed. More people should try the mini cabins as they are quite affordable and cozy. Home Depot has many really great pre built mini cabins. So be sure that you stop by Home Depot and check them out. 

Some things I would like to point out is you need screens on your windows to protect you and your family or guests from mosquitoes and other insects. And if your cabin has electricity I would go with one of the window air conditioning units that not only cools but it also has a built-in heater. Those two things can make your cabin oh so much more enjoyable. 

And if you're looking for low price hunting cabins then you really can't go wrong with a mini log cabin. If several people go in together you should easily be able to afford a mini log cabin that will work wonderful for a hunting cabin and be able to sleep four men comfortably. If a log cabin has been your life long dream then maybe its time to check out a mini log cabin.