Our front and back porches have become a popular gathering place on warm sunny days, and nights. We sit on our rockers, wicker chairs, or porch swings enjoying a tall cool glass of lemonade sharing laughs and stories with our friends and family. Sometimes the warm weather can be a little hot for older people to tolerate, making it uncomfortable for them to sit out and enjoy the outdoors with us. This is when having a low profile outdoor ceiling fan installed on your porch would help keep everyone comfortable with a constant gentle breeze.

Outdoor ceiling fans have become a popular addition to covered decks, verandas, patios, and porches. These outdoor ceiling fans will add character to what was once a hot, dull gathering place, turning it into a cool, modern, hang out. Outdoor ceiling fans not only keep a continuous gentle breeze flowing, they will also keep the bugs away with their fast moving, longer blades, making your evening more enjoyable and pest free.

The manufacturers of outdoor ceiling fans have put a lot of thought into peoples preference when it comes to outdoor decor. The styles of outdoor fans are available in a rustic design, modern, traditional, contemporary, and tropical styles. Some of the finishes the outdoor ceiling fans come in are: White, Bronze, Black, brushed Nickel, Brown, and Pewter to compliment your outdoor furnishings.

If you live near the water, or have a vacation home near the water, or just love the Nautical theme, there is the Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan with 5 off white sail cloth blades. For the person who has visited the tropics and fell in love with the atmosphere and want to bring it to their home, the Bayview Design Ceiling Fan with 5 Palm Leaf Blade will take you back to that tropical place you once knew without leaving your porch.

Outdoor ceiling fans prices vary from as little as $117 for your basic model, and as high as $700 for your more elaborate models. The blade lengths are available in 33 inches or less, on up to 58 inches or larger depending on what your needs and wants are.

Once you have picked out your outdoor ceiling fan, and it is installed, sit out on your porch and enjoy the soft breeze your new fan provides you. Call up your family and friends invite them over to enjoy that pitcher of lemonade and share some laughs your new outdoor ceiling fan is waiting to be used.