Low Voltage Outdoor Light 

Benefits Of Low Voltage Rope Lighting:

Low voltage rope lighting has revolutionized the way people light hard to wire spaces, as well as areas which only require ambient light.  With the popularity and accessibility of LED rope lights, it has never been easier to light kitchens, bars, walkways, patios and pool decks.  There are a number of benefits besides their low price, however.

Versatility - Low voltage rope lighting can be used almost anywhere.  Since it doesn’t require pre-wiring, special mounting applications, or large spaces, anywhere you can fit a ½ inch rope, you can create fantastic ambient glows.  

Low Power Consumptions - LED rope lights are extremely power efficient.  LED rope uses less than 1 watt per foot, meaning you could light up 60 FT of pathway, or counter space with the same power it takes to light one normal light bulb.

Color Variety - Low voltage rope lighting is generally used in white or red colors to outline the driveway, path, or walkway leading up to a building.  However with the accessibility of colored LEDs, you can get rope lights in any number of colors.  

Low Maintenance and Lifespan - Unlike traditional landscape lighting, string lights require almost no maintenance.  The typical lifespan of an LED bulb is 100,000 hours.  Run 8 hours a day, a low voltage rope light has the potential to last 34 years if used properly.  It is typically accepted that they should be replaced, however, every 10 years or so to maintain proper performance.   

Safety and Durability - LED rope lights are extremely durable and able to withstand shocks, friction, and high temperatures.  They don’t however emit very much heat.  In fact, most lights will be cool to the touch even after endless hours of use.

Low Voltage Vs. Low Wattage:

If you are looking for low voltage rope lighting to tie into your existing landscaping power grid, be sure you recognize the difference between low voltage and low wattage.  In fact, most LED rope lights are in fact “low wattage” and will usually proudly display that fact on their packaging.  Low voltage refers to the rate at which energy flows through the circuit, not the amount of energy used overall.  Low voltage almost always refers to the 12 volt current used to power most outdoor lighting fixtures.  12 volt power gives off less heat, and generally uses less energy than its 110V counterpart.

Uses For LED Rope Lighting:

Rope light can be put anywhere light is needed, but it’s most commonly used to illuminate the area above upper cabinets and well as the counter in kitchens.  It is widely used in restaurants and bars as a way of providing ambient but necessary light in the case of an emergency.  It can be decorative underneath bar tops, or lining the branches of trees year round.  The thicker shape of the rope gives a more classy feel rather than a Christmas tree string light appearance.

Whatever your purpose, low voltage rope lighting can be purchased by the foot or in 8 to 30 foot sections, easily connected end to end to reach great distances.