Transformers are great devices that allow users to scale down or scale up the voltages and frequencies depending on the requirements of a particular appliance or machine. Transformers facilitate the efficiency of the appliances used in our day to day living. In addition, these transformers allow users to use more appliances despite having the standard 110 volts running in the electric circuit of every residence.

Transformers provide the delivery of the necessary voltage and frequency for an appliance or machine to work without damaging or burning the internal components that can be caused by plugging the appliance or machine to the incorrect voltage. One of the most commonly used types of transformers is the low voltage transformer. As the name implies, this type of transformers deliver voltages that will not exceed 30 volts, thereby scaling down the standard 110 volts to 30 volts or less. These transformers are also known as magnetic low voltage transformer. The transformer is comprised of a primary coil and a secondary coil packaged with a metal cover. Both these coils are designed to deliver low voltage classes, by increasing the windings of the primary coil than the secondary coil. The secondary windings are expected to generate about 8 volts and 24 volts.

A low voltage transformer is frequently used at home, where appliances that require small voltages can be found. Appliances and devices such as lights, doorbells and furnaces need only a small fraction of the standard 110 volts to completely and efficiently operate. These transformers are also used by users at the end of the energy grid. These transformers are safe to use and can supply power to small electrical devices. Doorbells utilize this kind of transformers because these devices only require 24 volts or less to make that 'ding-dong' sound and alert you when someone arrives at your doorstep.

Another use of these transformers is in landscape lighting or even in plain lighting. These transformers can be buried just below the surface, giving you the opportunity to achieve a calm and relaxing night ambience in your garden or just to keep your surroundings lighted. Furnaces make use of the low voltage provided by these transformers in switching the thermostat on and off. Transformers that convert your standard voltages and frequencies into lower voltage classes that are just enough to keep them working perfectly can also save you a significant fraction in your monthly electric bill.

A low voltage transformer is also used for business, usually for lighting systems to boost up any setting, like at the museum, art and photography exhibits, bars, hotels, offices and boutiques. These transformers also come in small but sturdy packages, fit for the voltage and frequency they offer. These transformers are also easier to install and can harmlessly operate both inside and outside your house or workplace. Transformers of this type are also lightweight and cheap, making it a good choice among a number of consumers. Using this type of transformers really makes sense in a variety of aspects like size, price, usage, safety and visual characteristics.