Day by day, you eat a couple of slices of an ordinary white bread. Your parents did so, your grandparents did so as well, all your relatives do so. It is a habit your were taught by your parents. That is why you always make sure there is fresh bread in your kitchen every time you go shopping. Therefore, every time you hear a warning from dieticians about the negative effects white bread can have on our bodies, you dismiss them saying that you, your family, and people in general have eaten it for centuries and nothing wrong happened to you or them. The point of fact is, however, that dieticians are right, white bread is harmful for people. It is not the problem with the product itself, though, but with the changes in lifestyle that has occurred at the end of the 20th and in the begging of the 21st century. Here are the three main reasons you should listen to dieticians and doctor when they advise you to switch from white bread to low carb bread.


First of all, white bread is very rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is one of chemical compounds used by our body to obtain energy. They can exists in simple and complex variation, the more complex the variation, the more difficult for our body is to break the compound down and salvage chemical energy from it. Unfortunately, white bread contains complex carbohydrates (simple can be found for example in sugar). Scientist say that the optimal situation is when about 50 - 60% of our energy is coming from carbohydrate compounds, other sources should consist of proteins and fats. Numbers like 50 or 60% appear to be pretty big but today almost every product we buy in supermarkets is very rich in these substances, so it very often happens we intake too much of it. That is why switching to low carb bread helps keeping them at the desired level in our body.


Moreover, the high amount of carbohydrates in common bread is very often the reason behind becoming obese. The rapid growth of obese people stems from the aforementioned fact that almost everything we eat nowadays is full of these substances which leads to an "overdose". By eating white bread we further boost the amount of carbohydrate compounds present in our bodies, increasing the risk of obesity, and, by extension, heart illnesses, problems with cholesterol and so forth. Breads with small amount of carbohydrates help us decrease this risk, which translates into more healthy lifestyles.


Finally, it is a perfect bread for people who try to lose weight by exercising. During the intense physical activity, our body burns more fuel. The way it does this is that it reaches for sugars and proteins first. That is why sweets and energy drinks are effective when it comes to quickly recharging one's batteries. After that, our body burns carbohydrates and it is only after they deplete the reserves contained in fat are used. Practically speaking losing weight equals exercising long and hard enough to make our body burn through proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates to make it burn fats. Eating low carb bread decrease the amount of carbohydrates which means faster usage of fats during exercise and losing weight more effectively.


To sum up, there is not a single reason not to listen to dieticians and doctors. So, next time you hear their warnings and advice, be more responsible and trust them.