Low income divorce lawyers will definitely not encourage more divorce. The reason divorce rates are higher than they have ever been before is not because it is so cheap and people could never afford it in the past, it is because there are massive problems with the way people act and behave today. I really don’t think that there is a queue of people who are desperate to divorce but just can’t afford it. If there were then surely itwould be a good thing for them to be able to afford it, so they can just move on with their lives.

There are many deep rooted problems in society today, and Iwould not be surprised if low income divorce lawyers do get introduced in the future. However I do not believe that this will be the cause of more divorces. The cause of more divorces will be more irresponsible people getting married to each other before they know what they want from their lives. This might sound alittle harsh, but that seems to be one of the fundamental problems with people’s relationships these days. Maybe one day in the not so distant future people won’t even bother getting married at all, and then there would be no need for divorce lawyers.


Low  income family law attorneys: Are They Any Good?

Low income family law attorneys may be good enough to cope with everyday situations that occur, and may well be good at what they do but there is no denying that when they face a high flying, big money lawyer, they probably won’t be able to stand up to the test. In my opinion, this is a prime example of all that is wrong with the system. Maybe I have seen to many movies portraying this happening, but I do get the feeling that big money gets big results in the courts, and this makes for an unfair system.

Obviously in this life, the best people get paid the most money, and that has the knock on effect that only the richest people can afford the best lawyer. This therefore means that statistically surely rich people have more chance of wining court cases? This is actually starting to sound really unfair for the low income family law attorneys! How could the system be set into a fair one? I don’t believe it can now, and money will always prevail, even in a court of law. This does not mean that I think people should not receive financial support in certain situations, as everyone deserves to be represented.


Low income bankruptcy: Do You Need a Lawyer?

In order to file for low income bankruptcy you do not need a lawyer. Lawyers are overrated and overpaid, and most people seem obsessed that you must have a lawyer involved with any legal procedure. This is simply not the case, and itis a common misconception that is banded about, probably by the lawyers themselves in order to increase business. People should be perfectly capable of reading through the appropriate paperwork and working out what needs to be done in order to get the task completed.

Filling for low income bankruptcy is something that is more and more common these daysas the financial situation of many thousands of people has got to a desperately bad level. If anything, people should be offered free help in order to help them complete the process. Employing a lawyer costs more money and this is something that the people filling for bankruptcy certainly don’t have much of! It seems like common sense to me, but then who am I to speak on these matters? If everyone in the government used their common sense a little more we would not have so many silly situations occurring all of the time, that could easily be sorted out.