Having low voltage deck lighting for your beautiful deck can not only keep it visible during the late hours, but can also be used to show off the exterior look of your home at late hours of the night. Deck lighting can look pretty cool late at night especially if it's a low voltage light. A low voltage light will usually be lower than 30 volts of light, the standard being 12 volts. Low voltage deck lights are used as much for show as it is for visibility. Sometimes when it's late at night, you might want to have cookouts in the hot nights of summer. Maybe to roast marshmallows with the kids, or just to relax out on the cot and watch the stars in the sky. Or you need to take your dog Willie out late at night for a walk. It's a good safety precaution to have low voltage deck lights to ensure safety late at night.

Low voltage outdoor lighting requires a low voltage transformer to minimize the high amount of voltage from a 120 volt outdoor plug outlet. You don't really need bright lights that will wake up the entire neighbor and most low voltage lights are dim but still visible lights. Low voltage lighting provides enough light that won't interfere with the privacy of others. However, there are halogen lights with higher watts than can be used to ensure extra brightness.

There are a lot of different online sites selling low voltage deck lights for good prices. There are a variety of different low voltage decking lighting options to choose for your deck. You can use majority of outdoor lights for your deck. It depends of the kind of deck you have built and the kind of lighting that you need. I've listed some common and popular low voltage deck lights used for decks. When shopping online you can compare prices at different stores to get the best low voltage deck light needed for your outside deck.

Different kinds of low voltage deck lights to buy

Low voltage deck lighting posts - Decking light posts are some of the more popular type of outdoor deck lights to use. Not only can post lights be used for your deck, but they can be used as landscape lights too. Especially if you have some scrubs planted below your deck. If it's late at night and need to go outside to water your plants, the post lights should keep your deck and garden visible at the late hours of the night. There are lot of popular brands to shop by for low voltage deck lights. Kichler, Hinkley, Highpoint, and Aurora. I've listen below some low voltage deck lighting posts to shop for online.

  • Kichler Zen Garden Deck Post light
  • Kichler Patina deck & patio mission low voltage deck
  • Hampton bay deck post solar light
  • Hadco GADL4-AC decklyte

Low voltage brick lights - Brick lights can be mounted right on the exterior brick wall siding of your house and can be used as lighting for your deck. Brick lights are easy to install and set up. They make for dim lights, but still gives you enough light to keep your deck visible at night. Brick lights also known as step lights make for go use for lighting on the stairs of your deck. Step lights can be important if you, or someone you live with is a senior citizen and struggles walking up the steps. It's important to be able to see where you're walking late at night. Step and brick lights make for cool lights that allow your deck to standout to ensure security, safety, and style late at night. Below I've listed some low voltage brick and deck lights you'll be able to find online to buy.

  • Hinkley coastal low brick light
  • Kichler lighting LED louvered low voltage brick light
  • Focus Industries - Aluminum replacement louver plate
  • Lumenton Lighting low voltage 6" compact (available in compact open angled and compact angled)

Low voltage half moon deck lights/round deck rail lights - Half moon deck lights are cheap and provide low voltage lighting for your deck. Half moon lights can be placed on your deck rails to keep visible at night. They're very small deck lights that aren't too expensive, that will keep you under $100 dollars. Kichler makes a wide variety of brass, beach and bronze low voltage half moon deck lights. Half moons support a 10 watt halogen bulb that is included with purchase. The round deck rail light is basically the same deck light made by hinkley. You'll find a large inventory of these low voltage deck lights online. I've listed a few half moon and round deck rail light products to purchase online.

  • Hinkley Lighting 1549 round deck rail light
  • Kinchler lighting half moon deck (available in cast brass, beach, and bronze)

Low voltage wall mount lights for deck lighting - Using wall mounts can be placed on the outside of your home, to provide light for your deck. Wall mount lights make for great entrance and porch lights, but also work as outdoor deck lights. Wall mounts come with a protected glass panel that is weather proofed. There are large variety of wall mount lights that can give your deck and traditional look. Finishes like bronze and copper wall mounts should blend right with your deck. There are a large variety of low voltage wall mount lights that you can find online for your deck. Outdoor mount lanterns can be a bit pricey.

  • Kalco Lighting Ho'okipa medium outdoor wall sconce
  • Cylindrical outdoor wall light
  • Adjustable Under Railing Light by Kichler
  • Kichler Melbern one light outdoor wall mount

Where to shop online for low voltage deck lights

There are a lot of different places where you'll be able to find a variety of low voltage deck lighting posts, moon lights, wall mounts, and brick lights on places like ebay and amazon. The common online stores to find a large variety of products. There are also plenty of other online stores to find good deals on low voltage deck lights.

Check out online stores like thedecklightstore.com, lighting by greg, sears, and lighting universe for good deals on low voltage deck lighting for posts. When shopping for cheap brick lights you'll find good deals at residential landscape lighting & design, creative living, affordablelamps.com, and arcadianlighting.com. Prices can vary and brick lights can be somewhat expensive, or somewhat cheap depending on the product.

When shopping for low voltage half moon deck and round deck lights, you'll find a large variety of these products online at lighting universe, bellacor, farreys.com, CSN lighting, and lighting by gregory. You'll find low voltage wall mount deck lights online at lumens.com, bellacor, lighting universe, buy.com, bellacor, lighting by gregory, and lampsdirect.com.