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If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, then the doctor may prescribe lower back pain exercises to help as a treatment on how to relieve back pain. He will likely send you to a physical therapist who will assign you several lower back pain exercises to do every day for several weeks.

Back muscle pain is due to many different reasons, including injuries, disease, tumors, cancer, nerve ending problems, genetics, and back strain. Chronic lower back pain can be very severe and long lasting or it may only last a few days, it all depends on the reason for the back muscle pain.

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How to relieve back pain

Some of the ways that doctors will treat chronic lower back pain include over the counter medications like aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, or prescription pain medication like narcotics or cortisone shots. Lower back pain exercises are also a good form of treatment that is often prescribed. Back exercises for lower back pain can include special kinds of stretches that will strengthen and make the back more flexible.

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Lower back exercises should be done at least two or three times a week for about 10 minutes at least. You should do them on a hard surface and start by lying on your back in a natural position.

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Types of lower back pain exercises

These exercises are usually not complicated and usually don’t need special gear. That means you can easily do them in your own home and help your back muscle pain to get relieved.

Here are three such lower back pain exercises:

You should lay on the floor, bend your knees, and then slowly push your back up against the ground.

Another one is where you lay on your back on the floor, reach down and pull your knees up to your chest and hold for a few seconds. Both of these are one way how to relieve the pain, but it may take a few months until the pain goes away. So, you can also do things like take pain medications.

Another of the lower back pain exercises involves kneeling down on the floor, then putting both of your hands onto the ground, then lift up one of your legs and stretch it out backwards. Do this for a few repetitions with both legs.

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The type of  exercises depends entirely on the person’s actual cause of the pain. If the pain is caused by a genetic deformity or something like a tumor or damage to the vertebrae in the spine, then exercises probably won’t help. That is why it is vital to get a diagnosis of a cause so you know how to treat your condition.

The bottom line is that chronic lower back pain is very common and millions of people all over the world suffer from it and have to find relief through things like lower back pain exercises or pain medications or even surgery.