Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy May Be Serious- See Your Obstetrician Promptly

At the onset of pregnancy, most women anticipate having a smooth gestational period throughout the fetal development process. It can be disappointing when women begin to experience discomforts that are associated with pregnancy. These discomforts can sometimes dull the joy of pregnancy. Back pain is a common inconvenience that may be experienced by the majority of pregnant women at one point or another. Lower back pain in early pregnancy may be harmless, however, it could also signify something far more serious. Lower back pain in your first trimester could indicate the possibility of just about anything from a kidney infection to a miscarriage. For this reason, it is important to see your healthcare provider immediately as soon as you experience back pain in early pregnancy so that they can perform the necessary testing and evaluation to rule out any serious conditions.

It is important to see your provider to definitively rule out any serious issues that may be causing your back pain. Once your healthcare provider has ruled out any causes or conditions that may be harmful to you or the baby, you can assume that your back pain is benign. For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you have no dangerous underlying conditions and that there is no known cause for your pain. Because of this, we will focus on relieving your symptoms as opposed to finding the cause.

There may be a psychological components directly related to the physiological component of lower back pain in early pregnancy. Often, when women find out that they are expecting, they may often hold their bodies differently and alter their posture. This can be caused by a sudden fluctuation in weight or in anticipation of future weight gain. It may be helpful to stand in front of a mirror and observe your posture. If you're not sure if you're standing as you normally do, ask someone else to look at your posture from the front and then from the back. You may find that your posture has changed without you realizing it. Keeping your spine aligned when you are standing or walking can help prevent back pain during pregnancy. As the woman's center of gravity shifts as the pregnancy progresses, it may become more difficult to keep the spine aligned correctly. This is often the cause of lower or upper back pain during the last trimester of pregnancy.

It may be helpful to perform various stretching exercises throughout your pregnancy to ensure that your muscles remain strong. You will need the extra strength in order to support your weight as it continues to increase over time. Laying flat on your back on a firm surface, such as a carpeted floor may provide back pain relief for lower back pain in early pregnancy. Once you're on your back, point your toes and stretch your hands above your head. Repeat this five or six times before slowly raising back up again. Be sure to come to a sitting position slowly to ensure that you don't feel faint. It may also feel good to hug your knees from a sitting position, while lowering your chin to your chest. Alternate curling up with stretching out to stretch out your muscles and get instant back pain relief.

As long as your healthcare provider says that it's okay, you may consider taking Tylenol to relieve your pain. If you have chronic back pain during pregnancy, you may begin compensating for the pain by changing your posture. This can cause long-term damage to your spine and worsen the problem. Taking medications to provide adequate pain relief can help ensure that you maintain normal posture and ensure a healthy back throughout your pregnancy. Always check with your Obstetrician before you take any medication while you are pregnant.

Finally, you may want to consider trying different products to relieve back pain. Many of these products involve gentle stretching and lumbar support to relieve your discomfort. A few of them have been designed by chiropractors, while others haven't been. Be sure to ask your doctor if the back pain relief product you are interested in is safe for you to use before you purchase it. Some people swear by these products, while others prefer to use more natural methods. It doesn't matter which you use- what is most important is eliminating your back pain so that you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

You can get relief from lower back pain during pregnancy.