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Within a person’s lower back are a multitude of tendons, muscles, nerves, joints and other structures that can sometimes have problems and cause the need for lower back pain treatment. Lower back pain is a common ailment that a back doctor sees in their practice every day.

It can involve radiating pain in the extremities, muscle spasms, problems walking, dull ache in the back, or in severe cases, it could even involve numbness or weakness in the legs and pain and soreness in the muscles. Pain in any form can be a devastating and debilitating problem and most people with it will seek  pain management.

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What causes lower back pain?

Pain can be caused by many things from an injury to ailments like kidney infections. You need to see a doctor to rule out damage to the spine or other areas so they can decide on proper lower back pain treatment.

The pain could be caused by lower back muscles being strained or from other reasons such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal area), bulging discs, fracture, cancerous tumor or other things that will cause the need for lower back pain treatment.

The cause of the pain can be for many different reasons, so doctors will do a complete exam and get patients to tell them the type of pain, severity of the pain, when it started and what they were doing when it happened.

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Types of lower back pain treatment

There are several kinds of  treatment. These could involve medication, exercises, steroid shots right into the area, stretches or in severe cases, a back doctor may suggest surgery to correct the problem.

Some problems may resolve on their own, but others will require treatment for several weeks or even years. It all depends on how badly the back is injured and the reasons for the lower back pain.

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Exercises for Lower Back Pain Treatment

Physical therapy for low back pain treatment could involve exercises and  stretches. When you begin a physical therapy for lower back pain treatment, you will start off with only a few repetitions and then gradually get to the point where you can do 15 or 20 repetitions of the prescribed exercises for lower back pain.

One of the most common back exercises is called a cat stretch. You get on your hands and knees, raise up the head slowly and pull the stomach muscles in the direction of the ground. This means that you are arching up your back and stretching as much as you can without pain. Then, begin to drop the head and tuck in your chin while you raise the back upwards. This type of back pain stretches can help your back to get stronger.

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All in all, there are several kinds of  treatment available and which kind you get depends on the type of lower back pain and the reasons for your pain. Talk to your doctor for more information and to start a regiment of lower back pain treatment.