Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose levels are a very sensitive function that your body closely monitors and regulates via the production and secretion of both insulin and glucagon via the islets of Langerhans or the endocrine cells of the pancreas. You body needs circulating glucose in your blood stream to fuel your body so you can't live a healthy life if your blood glucose levels are to low. Similarly you can't live a healthy life if your blood glucose levels get too high. Your pancreas responds to the delicate balance necessary by secreting more or less of either insulin or glucagon as necessary.


Lower Blood Sugar

If however you have chronically high blood glucose levels likely due to either lower insulin levels or decreased insulin sensitivity you will need to take some action to try and reverse the causes of this condition. There are many ways to decrease insulin resistance. Some of them have to do with changing your diet and others have to do with increasing your activity levels. Some of them even include getting better or more regular sleep. What is important however is that you take some steps to address the problem and treat insulin resistance from its earliest detection.


Probably the best way to improve insulin resistance and control blood sugar levels is to start a program of strength training. Strength training has been shown to both improve obesity and lower blood glucose levels. Additionally I would suggest focusing your diet on foods that help to regulate blood sugar levels by not causing them to spike. Foods which are low on the glycemic index are well known to release glucose into the blood stream at a slower pace than foods high on the index keeping you in a normal blood sugar range. Stick to the foods that increase blood sugar very slowly and you'll be doing much better at keeping your blood glucose levels where they aught to be.


Decreasing Blood Glucose

Decreasing blood glucose levels when they are high is the job of insulin and people who fight this condition long enough will eventually succumb to insulin resistance and will eventually need to inject insulin to keep high blood glucose levels from getting life threatening. It is very important that you have your doctor test your blood glucose levels to see if you are in the normal range. Similarly it is probably worthwhile to test your insulin levels as well. If these are high and your blood glucose levels are normal that probably means your pancreas is producing more insulin to metabolize excess glucose than it should. The bottom line however is that you need to stay healthy and lowering blood glucose levels from high to normal is a great start.