Doing away with your land line phone seems like a popular thing these days. With cell phones being more and more common and people trying to save money any where they can. But for many this is not an option, whether it's no cell signal, for use in a small business or just fear of not having a back up for their cell phone. For these people trying to minimize their Saving on your phone billbill is their only choice. If you have never really thought about it or don't know where to start here are some ideas that may help lower your phone bill down a notch or two and who knows you may get so pumped from these saving it may start you down the road to debt free living.

Lower Your Phone Bill With Research

The first thing you want to do to help lower your phone bill is get your latest bill. Read over it line by line looking at everything you are being charged for. If you don't know what something is or have a question about a fee or something maybe something just doesn't look right. Get a piece of paper and write it all down. A good example of something most people wouldn't think of questioning is the inside wire maintenance fee. This is like insurance if you need one of the phone company techs to come into your home to fix something. Like maybe tighten a loose wire or replace a phone jack. This is completely unnecessary, phone wiring is some of the easiest electrical work that can be done. Even for a complete novice, just Google your problem or look else where on line.

Time to Lower Your Phone Bill

Now its time to use that phone service you're paying for to lower your phone bill by calling your phone company. Start by asking about everything on your list. Don't hesitate to ask something that you think is dumb a dumb question just might save you money. Next ask them if there are any promotions or plans that they may have that could help you save. The last thing you want to do before you hang up is cancel any non-basic service that you think you might be able to live with out. You can even test yourself, cancel all non-basics caller I.D. and all. See if you miss it if you do just call back at a later date and add it back but at least this way you tried.

Some thing else that adds to your bill is 411 calls. Try to use the phone book or the internet to look up numbers. And long distance is usually a separate bill but worth mentioning here. Just use your cell phone or find the cheapest provider you can, rates as low as .05 cents a minute are common. You can also use prepaid calling cards. Hope these tips help lower your phone bill and good luck with that debt free living.