Everyone wants to save money on their energy costs and energy bills throughout the UK, and knowing there are several companies throughout the country keeps many people researching various companies to save money. By comparing energy prices, you can take advantage of various pricing plans and see that savings passed onto your month bill for electricity and gas. One such company in the UK that offers lowered energy prices and various energy pricing plans is NPower. NPower is one of the larger energy companies in the UK and offers various savings plans to choose from and select.

NPower offers a number of energy plans and energy savings plans for its customers. One such plan is the Price Protector March 2014 plan which allows customers to lock in a fixed energy price until March 31, 2014. By doing this, customers will lock in a defined price on their gas and electricity needs and can save upwards of one hundred pounds for Annual Direct Debit, and as well offers an online account for paperless billing, so one less bill to read in the mail each month.

For a sports minded consumer, NPower offers a Football 45 plan which when paid by direct debit offers up to ninety pounds of vouchers to spend on any Football League club shop, offers a 100 pound annual Direct Debit discount and no cancellation fees if the plan isn't saving you enough on your energy bill.

Should you want to manage an online only energy account, NPower offers various online only plans and gives competitive discounts on gas and electricity prices. Dual reward discounts are available with these plans and online account management and up to 3% lower than standard charges for an average dual fuel customer are available.

A green and energy savings customer with NPower might choose a Juice-E or NPower Juice plan which gives customers 100% renewable energy, and offers various discounts for direct debit payments.

NPower also offers various standard plans for gas and electricity plans which offer a wide variety of payment options, no extra fees, and direct debit discounts.

With these plans, NPower is able to pass along the savings directly to the consumer without the need to work with any middlemen or third parties. As they are looking for new customers, they can offer a lot of different plans to consumers directly and via energy savings websites which offer direct pricing to the customer. Quotes for these plans with NPower are available within minutes, and all that is needed is the postal code and a copy of your current bill. Seeing if you are able to save from your current tariff should entice a number of new customers and customers interested in savings money on their tariffs each month.