Infrared Heaters

     Infrared heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation which lies just beyond visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared heat is a lot like the heat produced by the sun. It produces a comfortable environment that is good for your health. Infrared heaters, also known as radiant heaters, work by heating a filament, which emits infrared light when it gets hot. The filament is  encased in a quartz glass tube filled with inert gas, similar to a light bulb. Infrared radiation requires no medium like air to be transmitted. It only heats objects, not the surrounding air.  Infrared heaters produce a more comfortable environment than fan-forced and convection heaters, which warm the air and circulate the warmed air. The humidity in the air is preserved, and there is less risk of creating mold and mildew, or of spreading dust or germs.

     Infrared heat is a green energy form; infrared heaters don't emit any pollutants into the environment. An infrared heater is a good investment. It converts almost 100% of its input into heat. Because it doesn't warm the air, it is more efficient and economical than a conventional heater. It heats up within 1 to 5 seconds, so there is no wait to start feeling heat. Infrared heat has many health benefits; it is good for your skin and your immune system.

     I have a quartz infrared heater. I couldn't get through the winter without it. It provides enough heat to get by at times when the heat breaks down in my building. It feels almost like being in the sun. Infrared heaters are often used for heating saunas, because they don't dry out the air.

     If you are going to use the heater in addition to a central heating system, a space heater is the right size to get. A medium-sized infrared space heater can heat a large room (up to 100 sq ft). If you want to heat your home with infrared heat only, you can find larger infrared heaters with exterior wood cabinets that fit into any decor. These are manufactured by companies such as Lifesmart, Duraflame, and Radiant Heat USA. They heat areas of up to 1,500 sq ft.


Infrared Radiation

Infrared Radiation