Scratch & Dent Discounts At Lowes

Scratch and dent appliances from Lowes is a good way to save money when you plan to update or remodel you kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, pantry or basement.  If you have been thinking about remodeling but thought you would have to pay a pretty penny to see a beneficial change in your home, scratch and dent appliances or wholesale home appliances is a very cost-effective way to achieve your goal without breaking the bank. Lowes puts out scratch and dent appliances regularly, so you will always have options.

You can get scratch and dent appliances just about any and everywhere in America that sells appliances.  You can get great deals, even below dealer cost deals at Queen Appliance wholesalers, Home Depot, Costco, Sears,  BJ's and yes, Lowes.  Lowes is a very large home appliances dealer, so it only makes sense that you will be able to get good deals on scratch and dent appliances and furniture from there.

Lowes also has locations throughout the continental United States where you can speak to a Lowes appliances representative who will most likely get you connect you with what you are looking for.


Why Should I Buy Scratch & Dent Appliances?

Well, frankly speaking, if you want to save money-scratch and dent appliances is a good way to go.  There is nothing wrong with the appliances themselves. They work and run as if they were brand new. The only difference is that they may have scratches and dents on them and for those cosmetic imperfections you could save up to 70 percent off the retail price depending on where you go.  These scratches and dents may have just been because they were handled a little roughly during packing and shipping.  It could be that they couldn't withstand the long trip to the stores or they just may not have been packed securely enough.  There are a number of reasons why appliances get scratched and dented-in any case, that spells huge discounts for you!

If you are concerned about the cosmetic damages, you can get the scratches and dents removed rather easily either by a professional or you can use a scratch and dent removal do-it-yourself kit at home. Many of the times, the scratches and dents are in a place where they are not easily visible so you can easily hide it. Unless you are going to have your appliance displayed in a highly visible area, the cosmetic imperfections should not be that much of a factor when you are weighing it against the large discount you will be getting for a brand new appliance.


Seriously, How Much Can I really Save Buying Scratch & Dents From Lowes?

Sometimes you may see advertisements saying that you can save up to 70 percent off the retail price, however you can save anywhere from 20 percent to 5o percent and more buying scratch & dent appliances from Lowes, Sears, Queen Appliances, Home Depot and other places. 


Do I have To Get Someone To Pick Up My Scratch And Dent Appliance

From Lowes, you usually will not. You can have it delivered. You must understand that the only real difference between a scratch and dent and an appliance without the cosmetic imperfections is just that-the physically appearance.  It is still a brand new appliance and you will have most of the same options you do with the cosmetically perfect appliance-including a warranty.  You will have to make sure you speak with a Lowes representative about your options.