If you are having lowlights put in your hairstyle it means that you are having some strands of your hair that are colored darker than your natural haircolor or intermixed with your highlights. The lowlights are darker than both the natural haircolor and any highlights you have added. You see many celebrities with both lowlights and highlights and their hairstyles appears to be simply radiant and appears to shimmer and glow with the many different tones and shades of the strands. This is because they have these additional colors in the strands.

What Is A Lowlight Versus A Highlight?

When you have some of your hairstyle highlighted it means that you are taking strands of natural hair and having your stylist add lighter colors that complement the natural hair color. These highlights will generally not be more than three-color shades lighter than the natural haircolor. That is generally what a good hairstylist will recommend when you have this done on your hair.

Low Lights Add Color

If you have lowlights added to the hair you are having your stylist add color to strands of hair that is darker than your natural hair color. These will also be darker than the highlighted hair. What this does is add very effective low and high lights to the hair. Just like you would see if you could hold a long shimmering globe of raindrops and watch all of the many shades of light stream through the water droplets. Generally, your stylist will recommend that these low lighted strands be no ore than 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural hair color.

Adding Definition To Your Hairstyle

When you add low or highlights to the hair they can be added by strands or in clumps. Each method will give you hair a different look to it. The strands will be a more subtle look whereas by lightening or darkening clumps of hair your hairstyle will look chunkier but make sure it isn’t too thick looking. When you add the colors underneath the highlights you add definition to the entire hairstyle. Also having several different colors in the hair will make the coloring seem to last longer as it is now a subtle variety of colors instead of just one single color.

Blending The Hair Colors Together

When you combine both types of hair colors to your natural hair color by using a spot processing which means you are not having the entire haircolor changed, you give the hairstyle a look like it has been kissed by the sun and add depth and light. Generally, you highlight lowlight around the top of the head and around the face. It should be in thin strands not overly thick ones so it looks natural.

Color Care

Whenever you have your hair colored or get low and or highlights you are causing some damage to the hair. Make sure you use the best shampoo and conditioner you can buy to keep the processed hair healthy and prevent the lowlights from fading.