Visit The Lowry Park Zoo

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Lowry Park Zoo is one of the places to visit in Florida that the whole family is sure to love.  Located in Tampa, the Lowry Park Zoo is considered to be a zoological park, as well as a zoo with more than 2,000 animals. It was built during the 1950s and opened in 1957.

History of Lowry Park Zoo

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The original Lowry Park Zoo was only a tiny place in Plant Park with a few exotic zoo animals. The mayor pushed for a larger place to house the park and it moved to its current location and was named after General Sumter Loper Lowry. The general was a local who was lauded for his contributions to society and his war service.

Lowry Park Zoo is 56 acres in size and was voted to be the number one family friendly zoo. The zoo is a nonprofit organization and is considered to be a good thing to do for sightseeing options in Florida. They feature rare animals, as well as some that are on the endangered list and build them places to live that resemble their natural habitats.

By the 1980s, Lowry Park Zoo became more popular as one of the things to do in Florida when it added a roller coaster, skyride and some kiddie rides. However, the zoo part was in poor shape and needed help. It was so bad the Humane Society condemned it for the cramped quarters of the animals and the fact that it badly needed some repairs.

Due to this, Lowry Park Zoo temporarily closed until it could be repaired and renovated. Through fund raising efforts the zoo became once again one of the places to visit in Florida that families and their children could visit on cheap trips to Florida when it reopened in 1988. They can even spend the night in one of the cheap hotels in Florida and visit other tourist attractions in Tampa too.

What can be seen at the Lowry Park Zoo?

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The Lowry Park Zoo has a huge amount of animals from Florida such as key deer, alligators, crocodiles, flamingos, spoonbills, panthers, and otters.  It also has other kinds of animals such as komodo dragons, sloths, tigers, leopards, and an Indonesian aviary.

It also has fun exhibits where visitors can actually touch things such as riding a camel, feeling lorikeets or stingrays, a petting zoo, and encounters with manatees. It is one of the most beloved of Florida attractions you can do day trips in Florida.

The Lowry Park Zoo Helps Keep Endangered Animals Alive

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Some of the animals at the Lowry Park Zoo are endangered. The zoo has special survival projects to keep these animals in our world. Some of these are the chimpanzee, orangutan, palm cockatoo, Indian Rhinoceros, and the mandrill. They also have a rehabilitation program for injured manatees found in the state of Florida.

Ride Attractions at Lowry Park Zoo

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The Lowry Park Zoo has several fun amusement park style rides to go on such as kid’s rides like the merry go round, pony rides, a small roller coaster, and a sky ride. They also have a log fume ride called Gator Falls that is considered to be the biggest and most expensive ride in the park and it cost 1.5 million bucks to make it. This unique ride takes the riders over an exhibit of albino alligators, and ends in a 30 foot log drop.

The Lowry Park Zoo has seven main exhibits and they are the Asian Gardens, Native Florida Wildlife, Primate World, Free Flight Aviary, Safari Africa, the Manatee and Aquatic Center, and a children’s zoo. It also features two water play locations, some educational shows, and some fine restaurants.