One of the easiest ways of how to have a lucid dream that is growing in popularity these days is the lucid dream mask. Many people are becoming more aware of this new contraption known as a lucid dream mask that makes having these crazy night time "trips" a lot easier. This can be great for those who enjoy this amazing experience every night and are to the point where they are able to control what they do and go on adventures they never could do in real life. Let's take a look at the lucid dream mask and see what all the fuss is about.

What is a Lucid Dream Mask?

The lucid dream mask is something that you would wear over your eyes at night while you sleep that is designed to give you "reality checks" in your REM sleep while you are having your normal nightly visions. After you fall asleep, your eyes will give off little movements that the lucid dream mask will pick up on. At the appropriate times, it will signal small flashing LED lights and sometimes some auditory signals that you should be able to recognize as your off in dreamland.

You know how sometimes you'll hear your alarm clock go off and it will somehow be incorporated into whatever you're imagining as you sleep? Sometimes you might hear a fire alarm or something go off when it's actually your alarm clock. This is called an external stimulus, and your brain has a funny way of adapting those and incorporating them in to whatever is going on in your mind as you sleep. The lucid dream mask takes advantage of this little trick your brain plays on you by releasing the flashing lights at certain times during the night when you are exhibiting REM sleep patterns.

How Does a Lucid Dream Mask Work?

These contraptions are not designed to necessarily induce any of these spectacular night time experiences. The lucid dream mask is simply used as a trigger for you to recognize while your in dreamland. These triggers are often called reality checks. This is when you are roaming around in dreamland, doing whatever it is you happened to be doing, and all of the sudden you realize that you're not awake, and that none of it is real. Now you realize you're in dreamland, and you can do whatever you want. Wearing the lucid dream mask just gives you a bunch of opportunities for you to realize that what you're experiencing isn't real, and to take full advantage of being invincible and able to do whatever you desire. You should see flashing lights while you're in dreamland which could give you the opportunity to perform a reality check and maybe realize that you are asleep.

Where to Buy a Lucid Dream Mask

One of the most popular brands to look for is the NovaDreamer. They had a lucid dream mask on the shelves years ago but it was discontinued in 2004. The NovaDreamer 2 was supposed to be released in 2008, but I cannot find it anywhere online. Sometimes you can find them and other brands on eBay, or even Craigslist, but not always. There are also some private and small websites you can find on Google search that have these on sale after signing up through them. I think right now your best best would be to look on YouTube. There are some videos on there that teach you how to make your own lucid dream mask. You can probably make your own for a lot cheaper price than trying to find one for sale online right now.

Should I Buy a Lucid Dream Mask?

If you have the money to spend on one, this could be a very useful investment. However, there are plenty of ways of how to induce these amazing phenomena without buying a lucid dream mask. More and more people are becoming aware of the easy and natural techniques that you can use to induce them. It's fairly easy to do, especially after just a little bit of practice. I would recommend trying to use some more natural ways to do it yourself before investing in one of these. Keep in mind that the lucid dream mask doesn't induce them for you, nor do they help you to fall asleep faster they just provide you with a trigger for your reality check where you can begin to take over dreamland and do whatever you want.