Lucid Dreaming occurs when a dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while still remaining in the dream. Once you become lucid, it is possible to manipulate and control your environment in the dream. Lucid dreams can be very interesting and fun experiences if you learn exactly how to control them. Becoming lucid can be easy, but it is very different from establishing Dream Control. There are many techniques used for controlling your dream, and this article will highlight most of them.

The first step in controlling your dream is to become lucid. There are many things in dreams that are different from real life. A body of text will change if you look at it twice, or there may be more or less than five fingers on your hands. To be sure you check in your dream, you need to get into the habit in real life. Try and check something as often as you can in your everyday life. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

- Look at a clock, then look away and back again. Has it changed?

- Look at your hands, are there the right amount of fingers? Are the creases the right depth?

- Flip a light switch. Did it do anything?

- Look in a mirror. Is the image clear?

- Hold your breathe and pinch your nose. Can you still breathe?

- Jump. Is there regular gravity?

Controlling dreams is not as easy as it sounds. Your brain is acting like it is in the real world, so there are still limits. Normally, a person will not appear out of thin air or an object won't magically come appear in your hand. It is easier to tell yourself out loud who or what you need and why they will be here. For example, if you need a gun tell yourself you have a gun in your pocket because you purchased it from some thugs in an alley last tuesday. If you want to see a specific person, tell yourself (out loud!) that they will be at the door or coming around a corner because they ran out of sugar and need to borrow some.

Staying Lucid can also be difficult. If you ever feel that you are losing control or are starting to wake up rub your hands together and spin around. This will make you more alert in the dream and prevent you from feeling your bed.

If you are ever having trouble controlling your lucid dream or if it turns into a nightmare, all you need to do is summon Chuck Norris or any other famous super hero. They will 100% of the time save you from whatever mental image you are having.

If your don't remember your dream, it won't be worth anything to you! Keep a 'dream journal' by your bed and write down your dreams (lucid or non-lucid) right when you wake up. If you wait too long you will forget the dream or important details. Write down as much as you can remember and label everything. Over time, you will remember more dreams and therefore more controlled dreams!

Happy Dreaming!