Mow Some Green to Earn Some Green

Lucrative businesses are the best way for an individual to generate massive wealth.  There is a certain beauty to service based contract business models.  Why do I like these models so much?  Well, it’s the simple fact that they are built on recurring business, which allows you to budget and capitalize the business much faster.  Landscaping and Lawn Service fit perfectly into this model, and work wonderfully when effectively marketed. Cash


Let’s talk about how to become a business owner in the landscaping industry.  Not to worry, landscaping does not require a ton of experience to get started.  Nor does it require a major capital outlay.  I have found that people (who own a truck) can start a successful landscaping business after a short apprenticeship and with less than $5,000.  I know, I know, $5,000 is nothing to sneeze at.  But, I would bet that you spent more last year on car payments andmorning coffee, neither of which provide you with a monetary return on your invested capital.  Money spent building a business is money well spent in my opinion.  That is of course, if you do it right and succeed.


Getting Started – If you work 9-5 and are looking for a way out, this just might be it.  What you will want to do is get a part time job (evenings or weekends work) with a reputable local lawn care service.  This will do two things for you.  First, it will provide you with the know how to go out and start your own business.  Second, you will want to stash away the money that you earn during this ‘apprenticeship’ to use as start-up capital for your start-up.  Yes, the competition will not only teach you how to run your own business, but will finance it too in return for your work.  Of course, I wouldn’t tell them that this is your plan. 


Once you feel that you have gathered enough knowledge and money to go out on your own, it’s time to build a marketing plan.  See my article on small business marketing ideas for more on this here.  You will want to start early enough in the year so that you can build up some marketing inertia before you go and spend all of your money on equipment.  Test a couple of marketing tactics and look to get a handful of customers signed on as insurance against your capital outlay. 


Now the fun begins, let’s go buy some equipment!  Your mower will be your bread and butter.  Its deck size will depend on your needs and the yard sizes that you will service,.  Don’t go too wide if your customers all have fenced in yards!  You won’t be able to fit through the gates.  Talk about a bad day.  You will also need a trimmer and a blower.  But, you already know this because you spent a year manning these tools with the crew across town.


The equipment is purchased, you have a few jobs under your belt.  Now it’s time to build a strong reputation for yourself, oh, and don’t forget, time to start making money too.  You will probably start by doing your jobs on evenings and weekends.  This is a great way to ramp up before you take the leap into full time entrepreneurship.  Starting a mowing business isn’t that difficult if you follow these steps.  Skip one, and you might find yourself in the tall grass pretty quick.  Stay out of the tall grass.