If you have ever gone to the gym with a basic bag and then had to deal with sweaty clothes against clean ones after the fact then this Lug Puddle Jumper Pink Gym Bag would be an awesome gift to yourself or anyone else on your list who works out.

It has water resistant compartments that work great for all your extra things you need, such as personal items, cosmetics and more.

Personally when I workout,  I invest in duplicates of almost everything, so that I don’t have to move things back and forth between home and the bag, such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, towels etc.  This way it is always loaded and ready for any opportunity you may have to go for a workout.

Lug Puddle Jumper Pink Gym BagCredit: Amazon.com

Lug Puddle Jumper

Lug Puddle Jumper Overnight/Gym Bag, Rose Pink
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(price as of Nov 9, 2015)
these are really soft and fashionable too.

Have a few sets of workout clothes that you keep clean and handy at home, and then as soon as you get home from your workout, simply pull out the used clothes for laundering and pop in a set of clean ones ready for next time, and then keep it in your car or near the door ready to go.

What has drawn me to the Lug Puddle Jumper Gym Bag is the fact that there are many compartments where you can put your used clothes but also you’re running shoes and also a place for car keys, spare keys, cosmetics and your electronics, instead of everything simply thrown in there together or everything falling to the bottom never to be seen again. 

No need to separate your used clothes to stop contaminating clean things, this tote has this taken care of, plus it simply is a cheery and cute way to head out or even for overnight somewhere.

It fits well into the gym lockers (which was always the problem with my present one) and is easy to find everything you need inside.  It also comes with a mirror that is detachable, and the bottom of this bag is clear coated for protection against wetness and especially odours.

It simply is a good looking gym bag for women.  But is not restricted to the gym since it doesn’t even really look like a tote you would house workout clothes in!

The entire thing is made from water repellant fabrics and is very sturdy.  If you choose to use it as an overnight bag or hand luggage, it comes with a special strap so that it can attach itself to the handle of your main luggage.

It makes a great beach tote too, and is bright enough that you won’t lose sight of it. 

I think the pink is a cute colour, very cheery and bright but the Lug Puddle Jumper does come in many other colours that are just as nice and bright for any women.

But remember ladies, if you are not a fan of going to the gym, it still makes a great chic getaway bag!  Would hold quite a few things for a weekend away especially with all the separate compartments.

Why not treat yourself to some new running shoes too!