One hassle of travel is dealing with luggage. Many people tend to take more things they will actually need when they go on holiday. If you are traveling with a group of people, you might even struggle to fit all of your luggage in your car or taxi to the airport.

One of the most popular activities people have when they go on holiday is shopping. So not only do people already have too much stuff when they leave for holiday, they only add to the problem, often then making it necessary to buy additional bags.

A company has been started to help try and fix this problem. The company is Zero Luggage and it is run by Catharine MacIntosh. The idea is that you order the service online, selecting the things you will need for your holiday and then you rent the selected items for the duration of your holiday - clothes, computers and cameras.

Since people don't have luggage to check in, it should be quicker to board and disembark from the planes. It will create efficiencies for airlines, save on fuel costs and help to reduce people's carbon foot print.

The idea sounds fine on paper, but you need to stop for a moment and think about the practicalities of traveling with no luggage. I like to travel as light as possible and when I first started traveling, particularly to warm destinations like Thailand, I took everything I needed in my carry on. It was a great feeling walking straight off the plane, with everything I needed and getting first in line at passport control.

I have ordered books and have done various other shopping on the internet, but I have never bought clothes. I suppose I am still a little old fashioned and want to try anything on before I bought it. I would hate to have to show up in a new country with just the clothes I am wearing and then have to use clothes that I had to select in advance on the internet. I wonder how they handle underwear?

The other problem that the service doesn't solve is, what to do with the souvenirs and shopping that you do on your holiday. Even if people plan not to do any shopping at all, they usually find something that they want to buy.

Of course people can ship the items back home, but again this would require fuel for the plane and trucks for the items to eventually be delivered.

While the Zero Luggage concept sounds like an interesting way for people to travel and help save the environment, practically speaking the idea is not so great. People would be better off just trying to travel with fewer items than necessary and trying to not to do too much shopping while they are on holiday.