Lumania is a mythical civilization that preceded the Atlantis (another mythical civilization). But unlike the Atlantis, the Lumanians development was more psychic than technological. Though technologies were later developed; technologies powered by sound, the sound is not audible and was produced within the mind of the Lumanians.  Their physical characteristics remained undeveloped because it was not in need and would contradict against their belief. They did not like violence; if presented with it they would retreat. Fighting was not an option. Because of this, their civilization developed underground. They built caves and built the civilization underground.

                Their developments focused on psychic abilities. For them, speaking is itself is an act of violence. They would communicate telepathically; they became masters in manipulating these sounds and used it not just for communication but in healing and powering machines as well. The sounds were conveyors of matter. That is how they created caves in places where there were none. We would interpret this today as psychokinesis or the ability to move matter with the mind.


Communication without words

                Because they communicate telepathically with each other, communication for them became a whole new experience. They are able to express emotions and thoughts more accurately and the receiver perceives the information with great appreciation. Education for them became an exciting process. They never had the problem of misinterpretation and did not face the constraints of verbal communication.

                They developed symbols that would represent a specific sound. When they interpret the symbol of an animal (for example), they do not only see a mental picture but they perceive the size, age, color smell and a lot more attributes of the animal as if the knowledge was theirs. These symbols can be seen as lines; the lines would correspond to a specific sound. It is not like Morse code however,


Surviving without killing

                The civilization is very advanced but still maintaining a “no violence” way of thinking. Their scientists have developed ways on creating artificial food so they would not have to kill in order to survive. The Lumanians never attempted to expand and civilize other natives that live near them. They have guards assigned on the openings of the caves, though the caves entrances did not appear to be open on the other side. These guards have higher psychic above others for it is on their hands that the civilization relies upon.


What happened to them?

                The Lumanians were trying to short-circuit a member’s capability to understand violence. Children were not allowed to learn about violence for themselves. This caused a huge stress for everyone. Many realized that the civilization could not survive long if it were to maintain the no violence rule. Some, after realizing left the caves and explored other areas; living with the natives above. And acted as teachers that would help a small tribe to flourish and utilize resources. They taught the natives how to build structures and introduced the God concept.


The God figure

                Because the Lumanians could not protect themselves; they created a God figure that would protect them from violence. They worshiped a God that would have the qualities that the Lumanians themselves did not posses; a God of wrath that would fight for them if violence was ever to come across their path.


The fall of the civilization

                After many of the members left the civilization, the ones left either died or decided to join the others who have left. Eventually the caves where the Lumanians dwelled became empty leaving their tools and all their glorious innovations that would later be found by the natives who lived around them.          

Use of crystals 

            The Lumanians developed largely underground. They utilized the use of crystals for their own benefit and survival. The entrances of the caves have crystals in which only the Lumanians are able to see the outside world from within the caves.  They used this also to observe the natives that were living around them. The outsiders, or the natives, could not see what was on the other side simply because there was no light in the caves.


crytstal caves