Why do top Hollywood stars and A-list models use airbrush make up and foundation?

The Hollywood makeup artist for Desperate Housewives, John Elliote, consultant for Luminess Air cosmetics, promotes the Luminess Air airbrush make up system. Once you've read his airbrush makeup tips you'll know why all the A list celebs and covergirl models use an airbrush cosmetic and foundation systems.

One of the key benefits of airbrush make up is that you get a natural, soft and flawless finish. Why do you think that cars are finished with airbrush paint rather than a paintbrush? It's because you do not get streaking or unevenness. One of John's key Hollywood makeup tips is to make sure you apply a light, soft coating of tanning foundation one layer at a time.

So don't rush it. Don't spray the airbrush foundation it all in one go. If you need more coverage, do a thin layer, let it dry and then apply another one. If you plaster it in one spray, it might start to look unnatural and cloggy (if that's a word - you know what I mean!)

Apply a thin layer, allow that to dry and then if you need to, spray another layer on later. To help the layers dry better, run dry your airbrush. You do this by spraying the remainder of the tanning or cosmetics solution out onto a piece of cotton wool or tissue. Then use the empty airbrush as a dryer ~ this is top tip the professional make up artists use. A lot of people skip this step thinking it's more hassle, but it can actually speed up the process for you.

Keep your airbrush moving in light circular motions so that you're not overspraying in one particular area. You don't want to treat your tanning airbrush like a graffiti spray can! Don't be afraid of delicate areas such as the areas around your eyes and eyelids. Of course you should keep your eyes closed, but you will soon get used to airbrushing with your eyes closed. Ask a friend to help you out the first few times if you really need to.

You can put extra coverage on certain areas if you require, such as the back of the neck, the decolletage or back of your thighs.

The end effect is a natural looking, healthy glow. It just takes a little bit of practice and a little bit of patience and you'll be an airbrush makeup expert!