Camping lunch ideaCredit: By DonES at en.wikipedia. Later version(s) were uploaded by Hohum at en.wikipedia. [Public domain], from Wikimedia CommonsFood is one of the most important aspects of camping (in my humble opinion), but you are likely to be busy and don’t want to spend hours preparing lunch. I also find that when I am camping with young people (usually my Guide unit) they get really involved in their activities in the morning and I don’t really want to take them away from that for a long time so that they can cook something really complicated which will then take a lot of washing up. I also find that camp breakfasts are much bigger than my breakfast at home, and we have lots of snacks on camp, so a snack lunch is usually just fine. Here I have included a few of my favourite camp lunch ideas – a bit more interesting than sandwiches but hopefully won’t take up too much of your precious time on camp!

Tacos in a Bag

Provide 1 single serving bag of tortilla chips for each person. Provide other taco ingredients such as salad, sour cream, cheese, chicken, beef or other meat (perfect opportunity for using up leftovers). You add the other ingredients to the bag of tortilla chip and voilá, tacos in a bag! Perfect for those who hate washing up! 

Pitta Pizzas

Use pitta breads as quick pizza bases. Cover them with tomato sauce, grated cheese and other ingredients according to taste/ what’s available. Heat through until the cheese melts in a frying pan or on a griddle. You could use hamburger rolls or English muffins instead of pitta bread.

Tinfoil Grilled Cheese Loaf

Slice a whole loaf of bread, put ham and cheese between every other slice so that you have several sandwiches. Put the whole thing back together and wrap in foil. Place in the fire for a few minutes until the cheese melts.

Frying Pan Toasties

Make your usual sandwiches but have them as toasted sandwiches by frying for a couple of minutes on each side – much more exciting than regular sandwiches. This is a great one to do if you are new to cooking over fire, as it's so simple and you can concentrate on getting your fire right, rather than on a complicated recipe. 

Tinned soup

Tinned soup is really easy to prepare -  just heat through in a pan. Perfect for a cold rainy day.  Tomato soup is particularly good with cheese sandwiches or toasties.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs can be cooked on a griddle or heated through in boiling water. Either way they're quick and delicious. How inventive can you be with the toppings? (I recently had a hot dog with curry and poppadum bits on it…)

Salads made from last nights carbs

Cook extra pasta, rice or potato the night before and make some delicious, filling salads. Again you can be really inventive with this one. Add veg and protein for a one dish lunch wonder – smoked sausage or hard boiled egg in your potato salad, tuna or chicken in your pasta or rice salad.