The Lord Wilson
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The Lord Wilson, Unit 27, Kingsgate Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2PZ.

Initial Impressions

The Lord Wilson is classed as a Lloyds No 1 location, but in most respects it is identical to the J.D Wetherspoons brand, except that there would appear to be music at this one, and Wetherspoons do not play music.

This pub is in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre in Huddersfield, but it is actually outside the centre with no apparent direct access from within the shopping centre itself. There is no real nearby on-street parking, but further afield there is on street pay and display, and there is also a paid car park inside Kingsgate. There are some tables outside the pub.

These pubs sell a range of foods, such as steaks, salads, burgers and light meals, with various offers on different days during the week. The Lord Wilson was visited on a weekday lunchtime and the majority of tables were occupied, although they were not full, when initially entered. The level of custom had died down by the time the location was left.

With these pubs you have to first find a table then, when you are ready to order, make a note of the table number and go and place and pay for the order at the bar. Should additional items be wanted, further trips to the bar are required, as they do not have table service. The food is brought over when it is ready. Bottled condiments are available in a rack and cutlery and napkins are brought with the meal.

There was only one menu on the table chosen, and the table itself was a bit sticky.

Various meals on the menu come with a selection of hot, cold, soft and alcoholic drinks included in the price, although in some cases you have to pay more for the alcoholic ones.

The Food

The drinks ordered were a 500 ml bottle of Strathmore Clear Sparkling Water and a half a pint of Pepsi. These were both included in the price of the ordered meals, but it would not have cost more in this case to order an alcoholic drink.

Main Courses

Two main courses were ordered, both the 8 oz Rump Steak. One was ordered medium rare, the other rare. These both came with a steak knife.

The steak is 35 days matured and is served with a portion of peas, half a grilled tomato, a grilled flat mushroom and a portion of chips.

Both steaks had been cooked properly and the way they should have been, which is not always the case with anything more lightly cooked than medium. The steaks were tender and quite flavoursome, and were definitely the best part of the meal. The chips were fine and were also cooked correctly; the portions were just a little on the small side. The tomato and flat mushroom were both okay. The worst part was the peas, which were blandly coloured and flavoured, rather than being vibrantly green, and gave the impression that they had been cooked for far too long.

My Review

The total cost of the meal came to £17.60. The lack on table service is inconvenient when dining alone, especially when the place is busy, but when there are two or more people, this is not a problem. The pub was not actually that warm when visited; it wasn't cold, but it was a bit on the cool side.

The steaks took slightly longer to be brought out than would have been expected - about 12 minutes - for steaks cooked medium rare and rare, but the pub had a good level of custom when the orders were placed. The food on the whole was good, especially the steaks; the only exception was the peas, which were rather sub-standard. The Lord Wilson is otherwise a good and not too expensive place to eat.

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