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Lung cancer is a serious disease in which tumors invade the lungs and victims go to their doctor to find a lung cancer cure. Depending on the stage of the lung cancer, there are several options for treatment. These include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a mixture of these strategies to institute a lung cancer cure.

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One of the kinds of lung cancer is called a non-small cell lung cancer. It has five stages and it is best to diagnose it in the lower stages in order to assure a lung cancer cure.  In Stage 0 any tumors present in the lungs have not gotten past the bronchus area of the lungs. It is usually treated by surgery and by using a laser to kill any leftover cancer cells. This stage is the best chance for a patient to get a lung cancer cure.

In Stages I and II the treatment is to remove the tumors with surgery if possible, or to use radiation and chemotherapy. It is still possible to affect a lung cancer cure at these stages, but the chances are not as good as with Stage 0. In Stage III the chances start to lessen for a lung cancer cure as the tumors will be larger and may have progressed outside of the lung area. Surgery is not always possible with this stage and patients usually get radiation and chemotherapy.

If someone is at Stage IV lung cancer, the chances of a lung cancer cure are not very good. This stage is too far along to be treated with surgery and targeted radiation therapy is used to treat it.

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Types of Surgery for cancer Cure

Several types of surgeries are possible for treating lung cancer and trying to get a lung cancer cure. These include a wedge resection (removing small part of a lung), segmentectomy (removing part of a lobe of the lung), lobectomy (removing an entire lung lobe), sleeve resection (removing some of the person’s airway and possibly the attached lung and then sewing together the remaining ends) and the most serious is pneumonectomy ( taking out the whole lung).

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Lung cancer cure can be brought about in some cases using radiation therapy. Sometimes is it also mixed with chemotherapy or surgery. Today’s versions of this therapy are better than in the past because it can actually target the cancer cells in some cases. This means less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

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Chemotherapy is a drug treatment where a mix of anti-cancer drugs is given either by mouth or by intravenous solution. This form of treatment to institute a lung cancer cure is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting due to the harshness and toxicity of the drugs needed to kill the cancer cells.

The main fact to get from this is that if you want the best chances to get a lung cancer cure, then you should try to get the disease diagnosed in as early of a stage as possible so that your options are greater.