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Black licorice scent
Moisturizes skin
Doesn't leave a mess in the tub


Black licorice scent

Full Review

The Lush Frothy the Snowman Bubble Bar was a seasonal item during Christmas of 2009. I took advantage of Lush's after Christmas sale and ended up with about four of these bubble bars for free.

The bars are undeniably cute. They are small white bars roughly the size and shape of a hockey puck with an outer layer of coconut flakes. Frothy's eyes are made of slices of black rope licorice and his nose is a Good & Plenty candy. The scent of this bubble bar is, not suprisingly, coconut and licorice.

I thought it sounded like an odd fragrance combination but since they were free, I decided to give it a try. One Frothy the Snowman filled my tub with foamy white bubbles and they were wonderfully moisturizing bubbles. While in the bath I could smell licorice and a faint coconut scent. Now, approximately two hours later, I still detect the licorice scent on my skin so if black licorice grosses you out then this may not be the right bubble bar for you. I'm a big fan of black licorice so it's perfect for me.

After the bath, I did not have to clean any sort of residue or debris from my tub except for the three little pieces of candy used to create Frothy's face. The small coconut flakes must have washed down the drain because I didn't find them.

My skin felt soft and smooth from this bubble bar. Sometimes after a bubble bath, I feel like I need to rinse off in the shower to remove any remaining soap bubbles from my skin to prevent it from becoming dry. I didn't feel the need to do that this time. I simply wiped off the bubbles and enjoyed how healthy and hydrated my skin felt.

Upon picking the Good & Plenty out of the tub and breaking it open to determine what it was, my husband asked me if I was going to eat it. I gave him a weird look and said, "No, I'm not going to eat it, that would be gross." He continued to attempt to coax me into eating it until I said, "You just want me to eat it so you can tease me because I'll eat anything." He denied this until I threw the candy in the trash and then admitted that, yes, he would have called me gross if I had eaten the candy. I'd feel better about the situation if the thought of eating the candies hadn't briefly crossed my mind when I saw them in the tub.

In Closing

I really hope that they bring back Frothy the Snowman next Christmas. I enjoy the scent and it is a wonderfully moisturizing bubble bar.