Lathers well
Cleans effectively


Smells bad

Full Review

I received a sample of Honey I Washed the Kids soap in the mail with one of my Internet orders from Lush. Now, I have to say that I really wanted to like this soap. I had seen it on the website and it sounded delicious being described as a honey and caramel scented soap.

I did not really smell honey and caramel at all. It smelled like a bitter toffee soap to me and was more than a little unpleasant. The smell faded a bit after a few uses but it never made me think of honey.

One positive of the soap is that it lathers very well. Many of Lush's soaps don't really lather but you could rub this soap on a poof or washcloth and work up a good lather with a minimum amount of effort. So, it is effective when it comes to washing.

The smell left behind on your skin is much more pleasant than the actual soap itself. I could detect a honey smell after washing but it faded away quickly leaving almost no trace of any type of odor behind.

I think that this is one of those products you either love or hate. I thought that Honey I Washed the Kids smelled gross but my husband enjoyed using it. If you receive a sample of it in the mall, that's great but otherwise I would strongly suggest taking a whiff of this soap at a Lush store before you purchase it.

Now that I think of it, it did make me think of a more manly scent than I'm used to. My husband and son both used it with no complaints and my husband did remark that it lathers up really well so it's not a terrible soap, it's just not my cup of tea.

One tip, don't leave it in your shower. This soap is pretty delicate and it will melt if you leave it out in a warm, wet place.

In Closing

I won't be buying Honey I Washed the Kids again. It lathered well but the fragrance was a deal breaker for me, it just smelled bad and I didn't really pick up on any sort of honey scent.