Cheaper than a full size bath bomb
The bomb does look cute for gift giving


Weak smell
Turned the water an ugly, dirty color

Full Review

Lil' Pud is a seasonal Christmas bath bomb that I picked up from a Lush store in November 2009. Now, I'm guessing that when they say this bath bomb smells like a pudding, they are referring to an English pudding not that creamy American dessert.

It didn't smell like much in the packaging but it claimed to be full of essential oils and I thought maybe it would smell stronger in the bath. That was silly on my part but hey, it was new to me and I really wanted to try it so I rationalized the purchase until it sort of made sense.

This bath bomb is a mini bomb as the name implies, it's about half of the size of a regular bath bomb so I decided that I needed to use the whole thing rather than split it in two as I do with many bombs. It's also really cute and has little sugar holly leaves and berries set into the end of the bomb.

It made my bathwater look dirty. I don't mind funky colors. I've used Lush bombs that made my bathwater bright yellow or rusty red and they didn't bother me but this was a pale brown. It just looked like dirty water. Also, the smell was pretty lame. I think it was supposed to smell spicy with a hint of cloves and roses if I remember correctly but I didn't smell much of anything. I called my husband in and he shrugged and said that it "sort of" smelled like "something". Not exactly a glowing review.

I thought maybe these awesome essential oils would save the day and make my skin nice and soft but not really. I didn't feel any different than normal when I got out of the tub. I was disappointed and this was one of the few times that I felt like I wasted my money at Lush.

In Closing

I wouldn't buy lil' pud again even during an after Christmas clearance sale if it was half price. The scent was weak and the oils didn't seem to do anything for me.