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Lathers well
More moisturizing than normal soap


Doesn't clean skin effectively
Smells strange
Leaves behind bits of coconut

Full Review

This is one of Lush's retro products and I'm thinking that it might be retro due to the nearly unpronounceable name of the soap. We called it Kinky Cream in my house instead of trying to trip over the actual name.

Kinky Cream has a funky scent. When I first opened up the package and got a whiff, I thought "Ew, what is that?" but it kind of grew on me. It makes me think of a coconut with a hint of calamine lotion. It sounds strange but it's pretty mild so the scent didn't really bother me.

This soap does lather well and it's moisturizing but it doesn't really clean all that great. What I mean by that is if I was working out at the gym and I came home to take a shower with Kinky Cream soap, I would probably still be a little stinky after that shower. It just doesn't seem to thoroughly wash anything off of your body and god help you if you try to wash off your makeup with Kinky Cream. That is indeed an exercise in futility.

This is more like the kind of soap you might use after you scrubbed with your normal shower gel. It's creamy and rich and moisturizes well but in all honesty, I would rather use one of Lush's buttercreams or just apply some lotion when I get out of the shower. Soap should clean and if it doesn't clean then it's not soap.

Kinky Cream also has little grainy bits of something in it. I think these may be bits of coconut but I'm not 100% sure of that. You would think that these bits would help with exfoliation but they don't seem to do that. They just make you spend extra time rinsing to get rid of all the flaky bits left behind by this soap that doesn't really clean.

I think that Kinky Cream had promise but it just never lived up to it's full potential which is very sad. This poor product couldn't make up it's mind about whether it wanted to be a soap, exfoliant or a lotion and it's indecision caused it to become absolutely nothing.

In Closing

I'm surprised that anyone still buys this soap. I can't imagine what it's good for unless you happen to really like the scent.