Cleans very effectively
Lathers well
Covers body odor
Leaves behind a spicy scent


Smells bad in bar form
May dry skin

Full Review

I received a sample of temptation soap in the mail with an order from Lush and my husband and I both thought it smelled god awful. This soap smelled so bad that we actually had to look it up on the website to find out what it was supposed to smell like.


It doesn't smell like apples. We were both pretty shocked to find out that we had been smelling apples because I have never met an apple that smelled that bad, even a rotten apple smells better than temptation soap.

The kicker is that it's actually a pretty good soap. I had three temptation samples sitting around my bathroom when I realized I was out of soap so I reluctantly opened one up. Temptation soap lathers really well and it cleans very effectively. It even removed my makeup which was a surprise and I've used this soap after a hard, sweaty, nasty workout and it is incredibly effective. This soap would be great for anyone with a BO problem because it does cut through the body funk.

The smell left behind on your skin is sort of spicy and it's actually a nice scent for a man. My husband and I both ended up using up all of my temptation soap samples and we really enjoyed them. You have to get past the scent but once you do, this is a great soap for someone who gets really dirty or smelly at work or at the gym and needs a soap to cut through body odor.

Temptation soap doesn't really moisturize your skin but it also doesn't claim to. This is a hardcore cleaner that is still gentle enough for even very sensitive skin.

In Closing

I still haven't actually purchased a bar of Temptation soap but I have been considering it. This is probably the most effectively cleaning soap I've ever used from Lush. I do not like the smell but as a sweaty gym rat, I can see the appeal of Temptation soap.