Luxor Hotel is one of the most popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Every year, people from all over the world flock not only to the city of Las Vegas; but specifically to the Luxor itself. Year round, a variety of entertaining stage shows are available; and often lead to daily sold out crowds. It is important to also point out that 2012 is perhaps one of the best years to check out these Las Vegas Strip shows, considering the Luxor Hotel is currently running a special where you can see two shows for the low price of $75 dollars. For some of the most professional and entertaining stage shows in the world, that is a superb price that cannot be missed. If you are heading into the Las Vegas Strip during 2012, these are the 4 shows you certainly do not want to miss!

Las Vegas Strip Shows at the Luxor Hotel during 2012

Criss Angel: BELIEVE

Criss Angel, "Magician of the Century," takes to the stage in a production by Cirque du Soleil. If you are interested in staying at the Luxor hotel in 2012, this is a show you simply cannot miss. His illusion act is spectacular, recalling classic tricks put forth by world famous magicians like Harry Houdini; and additionally blending his own style and new illusions that can only stem from the mind of Criss Angel himself. By the end of this production, you will certainly be questioning whether or not you "believe" in magic; and that is certainly the goal of this very entertaining Las Vegas strip show. Best of all? This is a great show for the whole family. Kids and adults alike will be amazed by the talent of this magician and illusionist.

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Unlike Criss Angel's show BELIEVE, FANTASY is not a show for the whole family. In fact, I would not suggest taking your entire family too it (unless of course your family is perfectly accepting of nudity for entertainment). FANTASY is an adult stage show, featuring topless women dancing to pop music numbers. To balance out the sexual content (the "fantasy"), this Las Vegas Strip show features comedian Sean E. Cooper who does "spot-on" impressions of pop cultures most recognizable personalities. Remember: adults only. Since this is Las Vegas, you may very well be able to live a little bit with the sin of going to this critically acclaimed stage show.

Carrot Top

2012 is certainly an odd year already, what with the staple physical comedy of Carrot Top leading one of the most hilarious Last Vegas Strip shows at the Luxor hotel. Honestly, how could you not enjoy this stage act? While this is for adults only (18 years or older), it is certainly a great blend of comedy and adult oriented themes. No doubt Carrot Top will make you laugh, and quite possibly cry as well. You may also recognize him instantly for his world famous "carrot top" (his long, unruly, and red hair). Named "Entertainer of the Year" in 2011, Carrot Top is sure to impress crowds throughout 2012.

To get an idea of his stage routine, check out his DVD titled Carrot Top: Rocks Las Vegas.

Menopause: The Musical

As is implied by the title, Menopause is about the many changes women go through; and it of course features enough musical numbers to keep you smiling for the entire duration of the show. Featuring Paige O'Hara, the voice of Belle in the Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast, this show will certainly be one you should not miss if you are visiting the Las Vegas Strip and Luxor Hotel during your stay in Nevada. If you have children with you, then Menopause will certainly be a great show to catch as it is child (and adult) friendly.

Be sure to check out the Luxor Hotel online for tickets to these great Las Vegas Strip shows!