Can you define luxury? It's different for everything, and the answer isn't always cut and dry. Often times, different people perceive luxury in different ways. In cars, for example, luxury might mean big, squishy seats. Or maybe a quiet, high horsepower engine. Some would say it's the technical gadgetry that defines luxury in a car. Manufacturers seem to feel that it's a combination of things, but they differ in how they go about it. Luxury bedding is also a matter of perspective.

The Role Of The Duvet

One of the primary components of the duvet is Eiderdown. The duvet's humble beginnings had nothing to do with luxury, and everything to do with simply keeping warm using a material of convenience. However, now that its use is worldwide, true duvets that use Eiderdown are definitely considered luxurious bedding. The duvet replaces blankets and comforters in most cases, and is usually covered as the down is very hard to clean.

How Luxury Bed Sheets Differ From The Norm

Everyone has bed sheets, but luxury bed sheets are a different breed entirely. There are different ways of measuring the quality of bed sheets, but of the various terms, there are a few terms that seem to be used universally. This would be thread count, and the source of the threads. Although choosing luxury bedding sets goes much deeper than just those two terms, they are the ones you will see advertised the most. Never assume that you're getting the best luxury bed linens just because it has a high thread count, or a known source, but that's another subject.

The Matelass?

Matelass is more of a method of assembly than a luxury bed linen of its own. The word, in its native French tongue, means "padded". Ironically, Matelass in luxury bedding sets should refer to a thick, quilted luxury bed linen that does not have padding inside of it. It may have a generic stitched pattern, or an elaborate design. Although Matelass is sometimes made with other materials, you'll often find that these luxury bed linens are 100% cotton.


For the most part, the coverlet is purely decorative, and often sits atop a duvet or other thick covers. Besides being used on a luxury bed, the coverlet can also be found being used a throw blanket, or even a picnic blanket. They are generally quite thin, and are rarely suitable for keeping warm. Although coverlets have been around for a while, they have been largely replaced by duvet covers in most luxury bedding ensembles. The coverlet is still used by some, though, and can be found in a wide variety of designs and patterns. They can be purchased individually, or found in a luxury bedding set.