campCredit: Lindsey Lewandowski

 Camping can be a fun experience.  Many people prefer tents so they can feel as though they are “roughing it”.  There are many luxury camping items that you may want to have for your nature experience.  These luxury items are especially comforting for people who would rather be in their home instead of out in the woods.


Mini Portable Air Conditioner

The technic of this mini portable air conditioner is simple.  All it takes is a sponge and a fan to cool you off while camping.  It amazing that this method actually does works.  The air that comes out gets cool enough to get down to 30 degrees.  This can save you a lot of misery when it gets to be unbearably hot.  This air conditioner is very portable and can easily fit into your hand so you can use it while in your tent, sitting in your camp chair, or if you are out on a hike.


Solar Panels

Using your cell phone, eReader and laptop while you are camping is considered a luxury.  If you have a solar panel charger, you will be able to charge these items so you can use them while you are camping.  If you are using these items often, the battery in them will only last so long.


Eno Hammock

An Eagle’s Nest Outfitter’s hammock is a perfect item for camping if you are looking to relax.  There are many different types of Eno hammocks you can choose from.  After a long work week and taking a weekend off to relax, this is just what you need.


Propane Heater

They make these propane heaters extremely safe and warm.  These propane heaters are definitely not what they used to be like.  They have a carbon monoxide switch offs just in case.  They also shut off automatically if they are censored that they have been tipped over.  If there is ever a cold night, you can stay warm by turning on turning on your propane heater.


Sleeping Mat

Many campers sleep on the hard ground while they camp.  Using a sleeping mat will provide you with the comfort during your outdoors experience.  You can get sleeping mats that are thick enough to save your back, but are thin enough to roll up and store compactly in your vehicle.  Blow up mattresses are not ideal especially on cold nights because there is nothing between you and the ground except air.  Sleeping mats are insulated and can keep you warm.


Director’s Camp Chair

This chair is so comfortable for camping.  There is a convenient fold out table on the side where you can keep your drinks and snacks within an arms reach.


Camp Stove

Cooking over the campfire isn’t always ideal.  It may be raining when you go camping, or you just may not have enough wood to start a fire.  A camp stove takes propane, so you never have to worry about the weather.


There are many luxury items you can buy for your camping needs.  These items will make your camping trip even more relaxing.

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