Dogs, just like many other pets, are a part of the family, and we usually treat them just as well as any family member. They get the best in food, grooming and are often adorned with doggy jewelry and the latest in the trendy dog collar, but does your pooch also get to live in luxury houses?

Doggy house design has come a long way from that slapped together one you made with all the leftover wood from your kids fort. You glued shingles on it that were taken from the roof when it was redone, already in a sad state. 

Well things have changed. A few years ago, garden architects and designers, started taking note on just how ugly our utility buildings were. This started the designer shed craze. Which has not really stopped. Take one step into a home improvement store, especially come spring and see the whole line up of "cutesy" and yet functional sheds there are now.

Those plain metal ones, that took days to put together, are heading for the back burner. People are wanting their yards to look nice. They are spending more time with their families and friends in the backyard, and who wants to look at an ugly shed while having a pool party or barbeque? So, in comes the luxury sheds.

Now the designers are attacking the beaten up plain jane doggy house in the corner of the yard. Rover
 probably doesn't care one way or the other. Other than it is drafty, and he would rather stand on its roof than actually hang out inside it.



Ware Luxury Tuscan Villa, X-Large
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(price as of Mar 29, 2016)

Take a good look in the pooch house, (hopefully you have not had to spend too much time out there!) and if you see light, from all those bad knot holes and corners, then you know that weather, drafts and even snow are most likely getting in. In fact if it was built right on the ground, chances are it is already rotting and moldy. If you are wanting to reduce the fleas on Rover, then getting rid of rotting houses, especially ones with hay in them is the way to go. 

So, why not treat your pooch to a uptown house? There are lots to choose from on the market, but you can get a luxury pooch house at Amazon. It is shipped to you knocked down, you just need to put it together, but if you look at the picture you can see just what luxury your pooch could be living in when he needs to spend time outdoors.

This particular model has a front deck and everything. So, if you have been leaving your pet outside more and more because he keeps coming into the house smelling "bad" or keeps getting fleas, then take a good look at his outdoor living area. Maybe it is time to upgrade to some luxury dog houses, that your dog is going to love. Check out it.



Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House
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ultimate in pet houses!