Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world. The prevalence of unique, picturesque mountains and volcanic forests among the Hawaiian Islands is complemented by countless beaches for recreation and relaxation. Hawaii is home to many large beaches with pristine water and unparalleled surfing. In addition to the water near shore, deeper waters off the coast of Hawaii's islands provide opportunities for world-class scuba diving and sports fishing excursions. All of the amenities provided by nature on and around the islands are matched by the dining, shopping and nightlife available inland. Hawaii real estate is highly desired due to the unmatched quality of living offered by the islands.

hawaii luxury real estate

Hawaii's reputation as a land of beauty and tropical weather has driven thousands to relocate among its cities and beaches. Limited amounts of premium, beachfront real estate drove prices into the upper class demographic. Luxury homes in Hawaii began sprouting up as investors and beach-seeking Americans chose to snatch up lots for development to capitalize on the weather and market. As anybody from Hawaii can tell you, housing options on each island are diverse, from condos and bungalows to luxury homes and waterfront mansions.

Beachfront Hawaii real estate is the most expensive on each of the islands due to the limited availability of such property. As a result of the limited beach access on which to build homes, demand far exceeds supply. Some of the properties on which luxury homes in Hawaii are found can run into the tens of millions of dollars. High price points for real estate throughout the region does exist, though the beach properties are at a level all their own. Most of the luxury homes in Hawaii offer amenities conducive to the climate and scenery. Panoramic views create a desire among builders for walls of windows, and the sea breeze creates an opportunity for comfortable outdoor living spaces.

Luxury homes in Hawaii come in a variety of designs and sizes, though the most common are typical Polynesian or Spanish in influence. Many modern housing arrangements have sprouted among the islands as space for building began to exhaust. Developers have taken initiative to construct luxury homes in Hawaii as multi-family dwellings. Many of the larger cities on the mainland have begun revitalizing their congested areas with luxury lofts and attached homes or condominiums. Luxury homes in Hawaii are following suit to a certain extent in effort to keep business flowing through the real estate market which, in turn, helps to support each of the island's distinct economies. As a resident of Oahu, Aloha Tony has witnessed the economic recovery first hand.

Outside of beachfront property selling at an upscale budget, some of the property around Honolulu also demands prices of a luxury home. Honolulu is the biggest city among Hawaii's islands, offering amenities and accommodations not to be found elsewhere in the state. Hawaii real estate in some of Honolulu's more exclusive neighborhoods parallels the cost of a beachfront luxury home in Hawaii. The costs compare favorably due in large part to the conveniences afforded a resident of Honolulu with its fantastic nightlife, dining, recreational opportunities and entertainment.

The most exclusive neighborhoods of Hawaii, such as Kahala and Diamond Head, always demand a premium price for purchase of property or residence. Luxury homes among Hawaii real estate are not immune to fluctuations in the national market, though the top-tier neighborhoods always boast a number of homes selling for anywhere from a million to thirty million dollars. The wide range of pricing for luxury homes in Hawaii brought many new buyers to the region when mortgage rates dropped and prices stopped climbing. Investors, families looking to relocate and those in the market for a vacation home are all popular clients among the luxury home market in Hawaii, particularly Honolulu and Oahu.