Luxury hotels in the UK will generally have a four or five star rating and are elegantly appointed with all the amenities. These luxurious hotels fall into many groups, for instance spas hotels as well as golf properties. Whether seeking a hotel in which to host a wedding or other special event of simply for a relaxing get away from it all weekend, there are literally hundreds to choose from. With spectacular weekend getaway specials as well as weekday specials there are many choices available when booking a luxury hotel in the UK.

Types of Luxury Hotels in the UKLuxury Hotels in the UK

There are several types of luxury hotels in the UK that ranging from small intimate settings for weddings to chain hotels with all the amenities. Some of the most popular are golf resort hotels, resorts featuring spas and tennis courts along with spectacular golfing greens. Check in late morning and spend an afternoon on the immaculate greens, with some offering 18 hole courses. Manicured gardens and carefully tended lawn tennis courts are often found as well as stables with wooded trails.

Country manors are another option when seeking luxury hotel in the UK for planning a weekend getaway or vacation. These spectacular manors or even castles offer the splendor of old hunting lodges and manors with the modern conveniences such as spas and sumptuous linens. Kayaking, hiking and trail riding are a few of the outdoor experiences that may be offered at various hotels. These traditional manors provide a splendid backdrop for a wedding as many offer packages including rooms, meals and coordination for reasonable prices. Fishing may be offered with some packages as well as shooting sports.

Specialty hotels which offer weight loss to wine events are also available, with some changing their program regularly while others cater to a specific program. Choosing a weekend event offered at luxury hotels will provide many options, wine tasting events, whiskey weekends which showcase some of the best local offerings, and of course the weight loss luxury hotels in the UK which pamper their guests rather than being boot camps. Others may offer theme weekends which could include renaissance fairs and other special events.

Dining and Spirits at Luxury Hotels in the UK

One of the finer aspects offered at luxury hotels in the UK are spectacular dining and spirits. Many of the luxury hotels employ chefs who work hours preparing meals which feature fresh local produce and allows the chef the opportunity to flaunt his creativity. Spirits may be locally produced, such as fine whiskeys and Scotch. Often cozy dining rooms and pubs will allow for intimate and romantic conversations and dining.

Choosing Luxury Hotels in the UK

Choosing luxury hotels in the UK may be done locally through a trusted travel agent, however due to the huge selection and various types it may be something that the traveler will want to do on their own. When it is time to book the hotel, they may consider asking an agent to handle the arrangements though to ensure they are receiving the best rates and guarantees in case of the need for a cancellation. There are many sites that showcase the very finest in luxury hotels in the UK and categorize them into different styles as well. Golf resorts, spas and manors will all have several listed underneath the category from which to choose. Taking the time to look through the pictures and read the information about what is offered and what is included when booking is well worth doing.

Price of Rooms in Luxury Hotels in the UK

The prices of rooms in luxury hotels in the UK varies depending on the season and the length of stay, as well as what is offered. Prices will usually be offered in British Pounds and they may need to be converted to see the price in dollars. A single room in a British Castle Hotel begins at 130 pounds for a single and up to 299 pounds for a double garden suite including supper and breakfast. Specials are available such as a two night weekend retreat which includes four course meals beginning at 313 pounds per couple. A weekend golf package can be found which includes a spectacular luncheon for 230 pounds per night. These are just a few examples of specials being offered at this time. Carefully checking prices as well as possibly contacting a travel agent who might be able to book a better price are some options when choosing luxury hotels in the UK.