People have different opinions about what constitutes luxury items, and this is no different when it comes to furniture. Luxury sofas stand out from all luxury items that man has invented so far, and if you're looking to update the look of your home, considering contemporary luxury sofas is a wise option. 

It is a known fact that when we say luxury we are talking about expensive things. While the price tags would make the wallet of the ordinary consumer tremble, cost is a detail wealthy people will be unconcerned about; it is all about quality and aesthetics. This practice is usually translated as opulence to most people, but for those who are after comfort and style, it is but part of life. You can’t put expensive gems on a regular hospital sofa and call it luxurious. It must stand on its own; sometimes you don’t need words to say that it is indeed a luxury sofa. That is why when you enter a five star hotel, you will never notice that you are already in the receiving area; your senses tell you that everything falls in to place as you sit down and admire the surrounding before checking in.

Luxury sofas are classified as such mainly because of their materials. Materials used in making a certain piece will differentiate a simple antique from a luxury antique. Sofas have different parts, and each with its own purpose. The frames of sofas are usually made of wood, though newer options include steel, plastic and laminated boards, or a combination of all of the above. Padding is primarily made from the skins of animals, particularly from hogs’ and horses’ skins. For mass production, other padding can be made of foam and polyester. If needed at some point, pre-processing may be essential, such as pre-matted rubberized hair, where animal hair is organized and bonded into shape with glue. Cushions are made from polyurethane foam, cotton-wrapped springs, polyester fiber, latex, down or cotton.

After materials have been taken in to consideration, the next step is the manufacturing. Hand crafted items are always valued over machine made items. It will sometimes take months for a single piece to be completed, and sometimes more for the whole set to be assembled. A sofa may be covered with any choice of synthetic, natural or blended fabric. Wool and nylon are the best choices in their respective categories of natural and synthetic fibers, but cotton, acetate, rayon and polyester have their own functional properties. Exterior fabric may be finished with a protective anti-stain coating. This recent technological advancement can increase the value of a luxury sofa.

Besides their usual materials, some companies have developed a fiber free material for sensitive buyers; some have even developed a stain free surface for obvious purposes. When used, springs are made of tempered steel. A typical sofa calls for 15 yd (13.71m) of burlap and at least 10 yd (9.14 m) of muslin for the interior. All materials are fastened with approximately 1,000 or more tacks, over 200 yd (182.8 m) of twine and hundreds of yards of machine sewing thread. So just imagine if a single person did the job alone.

It is also a common belief that luxury sofas will give the first impression of a person or of the entire family. Luxury sofas are like the clothing of a house, it would be metaphorically naked without it. Luxury sofas are usually built to be extremely sturdy, and are quite heavy. At least four people are needed to move it around the house, that’s why the exterior part is usuallt the only one which gets replaced, if the sofa requires fixing. Luxury sofas are built for comfort and some people have developed a convertible luxury sofa that can be pulled down to become a couch or a bed. There are some that have a built in fridge, hidden doors or pockets for private purposes.

As with all luxury items, luxury sofas are not for mass production, unlike most of the furniture you see in any typical household. They are often made-to-order and are very hard to find. The craftsmanship of the equipment also adds more value. A couple of years ago, a sofa made by Ron Arad was worth $300,000; this sofa is made entirely of stainless steel that made a lot of people ask if it is really worth it. Just think of the price of the furniture and you’ll see why luxury sofas are in a class of their own.