23 shades to choose from
SPF 15
Great coverage


For women with oily skin, this foundation can promote breakouts
Pump needs to be purchased separately (not cool MAC!).

Full Review

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is a liquid foundation that provides a matte finish. It goes on smoothly and can be applied with a foundation brush, cosmetic sponge, or fingers. The foundation is very pigmented, so this is not a sheer-coverage foundation. Rather, it is a medium to full coverage. The result is a near-flawless complexion.

A great benefit of the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and of most MAC cosmetics in general, is the variety of shades they provide. A lot of comparable foundations might have two shades each for fair skin tones, medium skin tones, or dark skin tones. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation comes in 23 shades, so any skin tone, light. dark or in-between, can find the perfect color to match.

When applying the foundation, start with a light touch. This foundation is 'buildable' meaning that coverage can be medium or heavy for this particular foundation. Start with a light layer and then build on top of it until you get the perfect coverage for your face. Since it is a matte finish it will control shine. Only a light application of powder will be needed to set this foundation.

MAC Studio Fluid Fix Foundation also contains sunscreen, with SPF 15. It is very important that all women protect their skin from the sun in order to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent damage or even worse, skin cancer. SPF protection also prevents brown spots and discoloration.

Now for the drawbacks.

Since it is a full coverage makeup, meaning that it's purpose is to hide all flaws and imperfections, it can feel heavy on the skin. Because of this, some women will have a tendency to break out. Also, moisturizer is almost mandatory under this foundation; otherwise it can cake up after a while. If this happens all that needs to be done is a touch up, but a good foundation should last at least 8 hours without needing to be reapplied. Another annoying feature about this product is that it does not come with a pump. Rather the pump must be purchased separately. The pump is necessary to control the flow of the foundation and to prevent from spilling. MAC should seriously consider including the pump as part of the price.

The current retail price for MAC's Studio Fluid Fix Foundation is $26 for a 1 oz. bottle and an additional $6 for the pump. As with all products, shop around and compare prices.

In Closing

As usual, Mac does not disappoint with the quality of their products. But keep in mind since this foundation is on the heavier side, it might not be the best foundation for everyday wear. For special occasions and those nights out on the town, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is a perfect choice!