Early years

Clive Wearing was born on may 11, 1938 in united kingdom and was a musicologist and a keyboardist. He was also a conductor. He was a regular person who founded Europa singers of London in 1968. Europa singers of London where an amateur choir, which specialises in 17th, 18th and 20th centuries. They have won many critical approvals. They have competed in the XXXII Concorso Polifonico Internazionalle in Arezzo in 1984 and provided choruses for operas inside the country.

Clive wearing

Wearing also worked for BBC radio 3, where he was responsible for the musical content for the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer on 29 july 1981. For that special occasion wearing chose to recreate a Bavarian royal wedding which took place in 1568 using authentic instruments. This was the high point in his musical career  

Memory loss

Wearing was contracted with a virus which usually causes cold sores while he was working at BBC radio 3. This happened on March 27 1985. The virus, in Wearing's case, attacked the brain. The infection is known as Herpes simplex encephalitis(HSE). Due to this Wearing lost his memory. He also cannot store new memories. As a result of his illness, Wearing developed total amnesia and is not able to control his emotions. His new memories lasts between 7 and 30 seconds.


Wearing can remember few tings in his life. He knows he has two children, but does not remember their names. One thing which did not change is his love for his wife, whom he married the year prior to the illness. Her name is Deborah and is his second wife. Wearing always meets her joyously, thinking he is meeting her after a long time, even though she may have just gone for a few minutes. Wearing can still remember the names of the food, but he cant remember the taste of the food.

Wearing and his wife Deborah

Wearing and his wife

Even though Wearing suffers from retrograde and anterograde amnesia, he still knows how to play the piano and conduct a choir.  He does not remember getting any musical education. This is because his procedural memory was not damaged. But when he stops playing, he forgets he just played.

His diary entries are shown below

8:31 AM: Now I am really, completely awake.
9:06 AM: Now I am perfectly, overwhelmingly awake.
9:34 AM: Now I am superlatively, actually awake.

Entries are crossed as he does not remember that he just wrote and therefore do not know how the entry got their, although he does recognize his own writing.

Wearing was able to learn new practices by acquiring new procedural memories. But he does not remember how he learned these practices.

Wearing's wife Deborah has written a book entitled Forever Today, describing her husband and herself.

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