Ensure that your child is hearing properly to increase his or her ability to learn.

Getting poor grades in school doesn’t have to mean that a child isn’t trying.  It could be the result of a physical disability that has not yet been discovered by the parent, teacher or even his or her doctor.   Poor grades could be the result of a problem with his or her auditory-processing ability.  They just aren’t hearing what is being said.  Children oftentimes don’t recognize that there is a problem.  They simply think that what they are hearing is exactly what others are hearing and do the best they can.   If they can’t hear they can’t properly learn.  And, even if the child is hearing properly, poor listening skills can contribute to cognitive deficits.

Many times the inability to hear properly is misdiagnosed.  the child is thought to be AD/HD or simply is inattentive and uncooperative with those around him.  It is sad when this happens because most children really do want to comply and interact with those around them.  Without good hearig it sometimes just isn't possible.  Have your child's hearing tested soon and often.  His or her ability to learn well is at stake and you certainly don't want to put them at a disadvantage simply because of hearing problems.

May is national speech and hearing month and offers a great opportunity for parents and/or teachers to have children's hearing tested to ensure their ability to learn.   A child must be able to hear well in order to develop the pathways for speech, language and literacy skills.  Without good hearing it is like having a bad cell phone connection.  When you don’t have a good connection you miss some or even most of what is being said.  Give your children the opportunity to be the best that they can be.  Have their hearing tested soon and often.