A few years ago I learned about the law of attraction. This is a law that don't need your permission to work. You have a choice to understand what this law is about and the forces that creat financial abundance. But this article is not about the law of attraction.

Whatever your financial state is, you should know that mind is the cause and money is the effect. It's a mental game. How are you coaching yourself? For example, when you feel that you can't do something: 1) What are you focusing on? The past (thinking of a faluire) or the future (that you will lose)? 2) What are you saying to yourself? Distractive or constructive words? 3) What images do you see? Negative, that don't support you? 4) What do you feel? Afraid? 5) What are you believing? That you are not smart enough?

Perception is reality. These is the five areas for you to move forward. Work on one and develop and impact the others. You should control them. It's a mental game. 1) Focus on the right things. For a example think of something you did in the past and did work. 2) Choose the language you use: it's powerful and important. For example, I can do this or I am clever. Use words that are constructive and support you. 3) T he images we see in our mind: For example, you see a great success or a satisfying life and relationships. Positive images support positive actions of moving forward. 4) The feelings we hold should be empowering. 5) And believe that you can do something you want. All of these are a consious choice. Each one of these that you select, positive or negative, is feeding your subconsious mind. This is the cause and the effect is financial.

You have total control over this game. You may not have control of the persons that come into your life and say something negative to you, but you can control the awareness and energy you give to them. Some people will try to bring you down, but you do have the ability to choose to say no.

Believing you "can't" do something is a big mistake. Most people find it easier in believing in "can't". "Can't" is an excuse. Move beyond what you believe you can't do. "Can't" shows a lack of will to move forward. Don't underestimate yourself.