To be a top fighter you need to always work on your MMA conditioning. The strongest fighter in the world will never win if he does not have his endurance levels built-up. Here are some MMA drills and exercises you can do to help build-up your endurance levels and allow you to be a much better mixed martial arts fighter.


The number one MMA conditioning exercise you can perform on a regular basis is jogging. Jogging should be the main focus of any MMA training program. Pushing your endurance levels to new peaks is the main focus of running and jogging. MMA conditioning can only be done with strong cardio exercises. If you are not working on cardio, then you are not following a proper MMA conditioning training program.

You may choose to jog outdoors or jog inside on a treadmill, but either way you should be jogging at least 5 days per week. When you are on your daily run you need to remember that you are not training for a marathon, but instead you are building up you endurance so that you can last longer when you are fighting.


While working to build you strength up and honing your fighting skills, many novice fighters do not spend enough time stretching. Proper stretching will not only make your body stronger by making it more difficult to tear tendons and ligaments, but it will also make you a more rounded fighter. You will be a better fighter because stretching over time will make your body naturally more limber, and a more limber body will allow you to punch, kick, and out-maneuver your opponent.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is great not only to help increase your endurance levels, but also the quality of your footwork. Regardless of what style of fighter you are, endurance and good footwork are vital to any fighter who wants to advance his career to the professional MMA level. Mix up your jump roping intervals. Some of the time you want to go for brute speed, but in general you will want to jump at a moderate to fast pace while concentrating on your footwork and jumping form.

Seated Cable Rows

Performing seated cable rows in the gym will help to strengthen your muscles as well as allowing you to work on proper breathing techniques that can be used when fighting.


Crunches are an easy to do exercises regardless of where you are at. You can perform crunches in the gym, a hotel room, your living room, or even out on your lawn. Crunches help to strengthen the core muscles of your midsection, mainly your abdominal muscles. Stronger core muscles will help you fighting regardless of the fighting styles you use. Stronger core muscles will also help to promote better breathing techniques, which is vital towards reaching your maximum endurance levels when fighting.

When performing crunches focus on using the proper method. Proper method is going to work a lot better for building your muscles and endurance then high reps with sloppy technique. Focus on breathing techniques and proper methods and perform crunches daily. You will begin to see some huge improvements as you continue to o crunches on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

Back Rolls

An excellent MMA conditioning and stretching exercise to perform daily are back rolls. With back rolls you roll on to your back, and then attempt to touch the floor behind your head with your toes. Don’t force your toes, but instead gradually stretch your toes towards the floor so you do not pull or rip any muscles or ligaments. Back rolls are a fun way of stretching and toning some muscles. Back rolls can help get your body adjusted to stretching in awkward methods, which could help you to keep from tapping out during a fight.

Less Body Fat

By focusing on MMA conditioning drills and exercises, you will lose body fat. Generally fighters with less body fat tend to have stronger muscles. You will also build your cardiovascular endurance levels by shaving excess body weight. All endurance exercises you perform will help to do be stronger, more flexible, and able to have more endurance. Any exercises and diet choices you make that help you to lose body fat will also aid you when in the ring.

Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric drills and exercises are specifically designed to help your speed and agility. Think of taking a car from 0-60. How fast does it take you to get to 60 mph? Plyometric exercises will help your body to get that explosive spurt of speed when you need it. Plyometric exercises will help you own body to get from 0-60 much quicker. Plyometric exercises should be strongly integrated into any MMA conditioning workout plan that you are following.


Jogging was mention initially as the most important MMA conditioning exercises, however any type of cardio work can also be considered just as important as jogging. Without cardio work you will tire quickly in the ring when you are fighting. You may come out strong; however once you get tired your opponent then takes advantage as is able to quickly get you to submit to a tap out.

Strong cardio building exercises are vital to any MMA fighter. If you do not have endurance then you will rarely, if ever win. You may not be the strongest fighter, however if you have the strongest cardio then you stand a good chance of being victorious over most of your opponents simply because you can outlast them.

 Jogging was mentioned first in this article because cardio work is so important. Cardio work is also mentioned last in this article to reinforce the importance of cardio work. If you tire quickly and easily then your dreams of becoming an MMA fighter will never occur. You must work on build your endurance levels by performing a lot of cardio workouts on a daily basis. Feel free to mix-up your cardio work for variety, but ensure that you are working on your cardio daily. Any MMA conditioning program has to have cardio building exercises as the main focus. Regardless of how strong your endurance is, you constantly need to work on building your cardio endurance to even stronger levels as part of any MMA conditioning program.