MMA training Guidelines

Simple MMA Etiquette

Proper Hygiene

MMA is a contact sports and a good personal hygiene is very important. Make sure that you are completely clean before you come to class. You surely don't want to spar with someone who smells awful, do you?

In addition, trim your nails and tie your hair if it is long. Never train with a cut or sores on your body. Always wash your gi, MMA  shorts and shirts. Keep them smelling fresh.

If you do the exact opposite, your training partners will become less willing to train with you. They might also talk behind your back about how you smell. It is just basic. Always stay  neat and clean .


Always be on time for your training to maximize all the training benefits. It is for your own good, so be early or be on time.

First, you have time to talk to your fellow students. This little chat is beneficial for you to learn something from them and vice versa. Second, you will catch-all the lessons because when you are late you will probably miss some important teachings. And lastly, you show your instructor that you are very willing to learn. When your instructor sees that, he or she will surely be motivated to teach you more.

Punctuality is also a form of respect, so take it as your priority. If you are late give a valid reason.


Respect your training partners, teammates and your instructor. Kindly introduce yourself to them if you are new. Use their names when you call them. Remember that you are to help each other to become a better fighter. You need them and they also need you. This is the beauty of the sport of MMA because it is also about brotherhood and respect.

As what I have mentioned, always be early because it is like showing respect to your instructor. Time is very valuable and you should show its importance by being punctual. Keep a very positive learning attitude because this is very contagious.

Moreover, also respect your facilities. This is where you train and consider it as your home. Don't just litter everywhere. Remove your shoes before you enter the gym or leave it in the proper place. Love your gym as your own home.

Pay your dues

If you are the owner of the gym you don't want your students sneaking in to train and not paying their dues, do you? You learn something in you class and you also need to bring back the favour by paying your monthly dues.

The gym has its obligations such as paying the instructor, bills and etc so it is also your obligation to pay them back by paying your dues on time. As what I have said, love your MMA School and it will surely love you back.

Now you know some of the MMA training etiquette the next thing that you should do is to remember them and apply them. This is just minor for some but it will be helpful for you and the rest of your teammates and your instructor. Learning will be fun and smooth when you begin to apply these simple guidelines.