Current MMORPG game offerings allow you to choose from a wide variety of worlds. No matter what you're looking for - fantasy, science fiction, or something more surreal - you can find a game that provides it.

These virtual worlds are popular with players, since they provide a while new world to interact with. In some cases, they even allow players to create or add to that world.

Ever since Pong, computer games have fascinated us. Over the years, these games have become more complicated in appearance and in scope.

RPGS allowed us to experience entire worlds through the eyes of our characters, and to live out our fantasies through them.

However, the single player restriction that many roleplaying games have always featured meant that human interaction was lacking. Interacting with NPCs can seem very scripted and artificial.

Other programs must, of necessity, be controlled by the program in a single player game. Although there's a low of fun to be had playing a single player RPG, many people have dreamed of interacting with others on a grand scale someday.

MMORPGs offer these great worlds and have the ability to allow many players to interact in character. Now, it's not necessary to talk only to non player characters controlled by the computer, although there are still many of those characters in MMORPG downloads. There's a huge variety of these games available.

Examples include games based on the epic Tolkien trilogy, Lord of the Rings. There are some other fantasy worlds more loosely descended from those volumes, too. Everquest offers a diverse world with many races that can be expanded with further software.

Of course, the most famous of the MMORPG games available is World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard Entertainment. It offers you the ability to interact with the largest number of players, and is set in Blizzard's world of Azeroth.

Science fiction fans aren't left behind, either. Players might want to participate in EVE Online, which tells the story of a colony lost in space on the other side of the universe. Franchises of popular media are available in the form of Star Wars Galazies, which contains all the settings a fan could want.

Tatooine, Endor, and Coruscant are all represented here, as well as familiar storylines. Somewhere, theres free MMORPG downloads that are right for every player. Since these games have no defined end, you can enjoy hours of play without having to worry about when you'll have to stop. MMORPGs are the next step in gaming evolution.