MMORPGs are so popular that they've been called "the new golf." Even young executives are spending their time talking about their progress in World Of Warcraft instead of their scores on the green. Almost everyone has at least considered getting involved in one of these immersive games.

Ever since the debut of Ultima Online, games where you can interact with other players, instead of just computer generated characters, have captured users' attention. However, despite the massive popularity of MMORPGs, some people haven't gotten involved. There are two major factors keeping them from doing so: not having a computer that's advanced enough to keep up with their chosen program, and not being able to afford the subscription fees.

The first can be the biggest problem, since computer upgrades are expensive. The second can be answered by the recent crop of free MMORPGs. Some of these are even lower in system requirements than most pay games, meaning that users with older computers really can get involved.

There are two basic kinds of free MMORPG downloads. Some allow you to play free only for a limited amount of time. After the trial period is over, you'll have to quit or start paying. The others are in their beta stages, and will allow you to play free in order to help test the programming and gaming experience. They can be a little buggy, but have lots of fans.

The first group contains some of the most popular games, like Dark Age of Camelot and EVE online. You can download the clients for these MMORPGs without paying, and get involved easily. However, as soon as the trial period's over, you'll have to fork over the money for a regular account. Many people don't want to do this, and are disappointed that they have to stop playing so soon.

The second group contains those games that aren't currently being commercially released. Most games have a period before their official release in which players can use the game, to check it for bugs, problems with balance, and general feel. These beta stages can last anywhere between a few months and several years. This means that there can be plenty of time to enjoy yourself before the game stops being free.

There are several different MMORPG downloads that are currently in beta testing. You can find them at the following sites:

* Ragnarok Online -
* Flyff -
* Maple Story -
* MU Online -
* Gunz The Duel -

It's hard to say how long these games will stay free. However, since many of them are being produced outside the United States, which is the biggest publisher of MMORPGs, they'll probably remain in testing until they can be picked up in North America. For now, they're free to enjoy, without having to pay a cent.

Some people might think that you get what you pay for, making free games not worthwhile. However, the popularity of these games says otherwise. Lots of people are currently involved in playing free MMORPG downloads, enjoying these virtual worlds without having to pay a steep fee every month. They're a great option for gamers on a budget, or people who want to find out what MMORPG gaming is all about without making a huge investment. Try one out today!